Funding Live-in Care in Milton Keynes

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Funding Live-in Care in Milton Keynes

When arranging excellent live-in care for loved ones, one of the central concerns is most likely going to be how to fund this type of care. The cost of live-in care in Milton Keynes and beyond can be substantial. However, various funding options are available. In this article, we shall dissect them one by one. We'll dig deep into council funding, NHS continuing care, and private self-funding, discussing how each works and the vital steps to get started.

Live-in Care in Milton Keynes
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Council Funding for Live-in Care

An essential source of funding for live-in care is council funding. The local authority provides varying degrees of financial support based on individual circumstances. For residents in Milton Keynes, the Milton Keynes council assesses the financial situation and the level of care needed.

Understanding Council Funding

Under council funding, the local authority carries out a needs assessment. It determines the kind of help the individual requires. If the person qualifies for help, a financial assessment (also known as means test) follows. This analysis considers the income, savings, and capital to determine how much the person should contribute towards the care cost.

Getting Started With Council Funding

The first step towards accessing council funding is contacting the social services department of the Milton Keynes council. It's the local authority that arranges the necessary assessments. Remember, the council considers the personal budget and how it's used to meet the care needs when offering financial help. It's also essential to understand the local authority funding process thoroughly to make informed decisions.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is another avenue for funding live-in care. It's a package of care provided outside of hospitals, like in one's own home, for people with ongoing healthcare needs.

Understanding NHS Continuing Healthcare

Under this type of funding, the NHS covers the cost of healthcare as well as social care needs to a certain extent. To qualify, individuals need to have a 'primary health need', which means that the main aspect of the care they need is health-based.

Getting Started With NHS Continuing Healthcare

To access NHS funding, an assessment by a healthcare professional is necessary to determine if the individual has a primary health need. This assessment takes into consideration the nature, complexity, intensity, and unpredictability of the individual's needs. Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Luton are integrated under one commissioning board, and their complete guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare provides a wealth of information.

Self-Funding Live-in Care

When council funding or NHS continuing healthcare isn't a viable option, self-funding is likely the path to take.

Understanding Self-Funding

Self-funding, as the name suggests, involves using personal resources like savings, pensions, investments, and property income to pay for care. While it provides the most control over choice and preferences for care, it's also essential to ensure the funds will last for as long as care is needed.

Getting Started With Self-Funding

The first step in self-funding is to assess the overall financial situation and costs involved. A good starting point would be to evaluate the cost of live-in care in Milton Keynes. It's also wise to get financial advice from accredited sources to understand which assets to include and what the implications might be for inheritance tax. Learn more about this process in the Complete Guide to Self-Funding Care.

Thus, the three main avenues for funding live-in care are council funding, NHS continuing care, and private self-funding. By examining all relevant financial resources and determining what levels of financial assistance might be available, it can be easier to find the best live-in care providers in Milton Keynes. Always remember to get professional advice before making decisions. After all, living comfortably and receiving adequate care shouldn't be a luxury, but rather a fundamental right.

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