Funding Live-in Care in Somerset

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Funding Live-in Care in Somerset

As you or your loved one stands at the brink of requiring care, one of the most pressing questions is often: "How will I fund live-in care?"

In pristine Somerset, home to Glastonbury's hallowed grounds and the mystic lore of King Arthur, the journey to secure care funding can be as complex as old folklore. In this guide, we demystify the labyrinth of care funding, carefully exploring each option available to residents in Somerset, including local council funding, NHS continuing care, private funding, and more.

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Understanding the Landscape of Live-in Care Funding

With the launch of our journey into understanding live-in care funding in Somerset, we come across three main paths. Each path—whether it's council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, or private funding—invites us along a different route, each with its unique set of steps and requirements. Let's start unpacking them one at a time.

Somerset Local Council Funding

Do you fantasise about a Sherpa to guide you through the complex landscape of care funding? The Somerset Local Authority provides a myriad of funding options, to those who are eligible. You can find all the necessary information by visiting their website.

Eligibility for Local Council Funding:

To be eligible for support, your assets must not surpass £23,250, and you should have been assessed as in need of care. The calculation involves both your savings and income. If reusable, your own home may not count in this assessment, particularly if you have a spouse or dependent still living there.

Steps for Accessing Local Council Funding:

  1. Begin by applying for a care assessment by contacting Somerset County Council's adult social care services.
  2. Once the assessment concludes, a care plan will be created that outlines your needs and how they can be met.
  3. Financial assessment will follow, should you require help to pay for your care.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a care-package funded wholly by the NHS for those with complex, long-term health needs. As Somerset is part of the Somerset Integrated Commissioning Board, residents can find further details on NHS continuing healthcare at their website.

Eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare:

To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, your needs must be assessed as intense, complex or unpredictable, with an overall emphasis primarily on health need rather than social or personal care needs.

Steps for Accessing NHS Continuing Healthcare:

  1. NHS initiates an eligibility assessment.
  2. If eligible, your care will be planned and coordinated by a designated healthcare professional.
  3. The NHS will cover the full cost of your care package, including personal care as well as healthcare.

Private Funding for Live-in Care

Private funding emerges as a necessary path for those who might not meet the criteria for local council or NHS funding. If you're able to fund your care privately, this can provide you with additional choice and flexibility.

Understanding Private Funding:

Private funding encompasses both savings or investments and potentially, releasing equity from your home. Insurance policies, such as pre-emptive long-term care insurance or immediate needs annuity, can also act as your private sherpa along this funding path. You can get more details here.

Steps for Private Funding:

If you are planning to self-fund your live-in care, you may want to seek financial advice targeting specifically long-term care. This can help you choose the most cost-effective and beneficial option for your financial circumstances.


Switchbacks are all part of the journey into the care funding labyrinth. However, with careful planning and the right information, the path can become less daunting. Remember, every individual's needs and circumstances are different. Therefore, which type of funding meets your needs best—whether local authority funding, NHS continuing healthcare, or private funding—will also differ.

These pieces of advice serve as a compass. Your path to funding live-in care in Somerset is as individual as you are. From here, feel free to peruse the landscape of live-in care costs, discover the best live-in carers or simply survey the broad picture of live-in care.

Remember to pause and take time to fully understand all available options before ploughing ahead along the care journey. After all, Somerset's noisy seagulls and lush landscape of green fields deserve to be enjoyed in peace and tranquillity, no matter where you're at on your care journey.

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