Funding Live-in Care in Staffordshire

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Funding Live-in Care in Staffordshire

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When transitioning to live-in care for you or a loved one in Staffordshire, one of the most significant factors to consider is the cost. The good news is there are various funding resources available to help you, including the council funding, NHS Continuing Care and private funding. We'll guide you through each of these, clearly explaining how they work, where to start and how to best navigate each process.

Live-in Care in Staffordshire
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Council Funding for Live-in Care

The first step in achieving council-funded home care is getting assessed by your local authority. The Staffordshire local authority offers this service and is a fantastic resource to explore. Their website here covers the fundamentals.

Before the assessment, it's essential to organise and collate details about you or your relative's condition, needs and financial situation. This information gives a more accurate picture, ensuring the assessment is fair and leads to the most apt recommendation.

If the local authority deems you or your loved one to require care, they'll put together the care plan's financial aspect. They will examine income and savings to determine how much, if at all, you'll have to contribute towards your care.

The contribution could range from full funded (all costs covered by the council) to partial (some costs covered). Your local authority might suggest you utilise a 'deferred payment scheme'. This scheme allows you to delay repayment of your care costs until you decide to sell your home, or until after your death.

For further studies, Complete Guide to Local Authority Funding explains comprehensively.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

If you or your loved one has a significant, ongoing health condition, NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC) may cover some, if not all, care costs. Unlike local authority funding, NHS CHC is not means-tested, meaning it considers the health needs, not the financial situation.

Staffordshire falls under the purview of the Staffordshire Integrated Commissioning Board, and it assesses patients for NHS CHC eligibility. Dig deeper into the NHS Continuing Care specifics here.

So, your first step? Requesting this funding through your GP, social worker, or any other healthcare professional who can put in the request on your behalf. Upon approval, there's a two-stage assessment process: the initial screening through the 'Checklist Tool' and, if positive, a full assessment using the 'Decision Support Tool'.

The result of the full assessment determines your eligibility for NHS CHC. If eligible, the NHS covers the costs of care provided by registered nurses, healthcare and personal care. Although, it's important to note that it does not cover additional expenses such as 'top-up fees' for more expensive care home places.

On your learning journey about NHS Continuing Healthcare, the Complete Guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare is a valuable resource.

Self-funding and Private Funding

If you aren’t eligible for local council funding or NHS Continuing Health Care, or prefer not to go through these routes, self-funding or private funding may be the way to fund live-in care.

Private funding might involve utilising private pensions, investments, or releasing equity from a property. On the other hand, self-funding might encompass dipping into savings, renting out property, or receiving financial support from family members. The funding could also settle using a 'care fees annuity', an insurance policy covering the cost of care for the rest of one's life.

This Complete Guide on Self-Funding Care might provide insight into how you can leverage your financial situation.

The Implications of Care Cost

It's essential to understand the cost of live-in care when considering different funding options. A Cost of Live-in Care Guide is designed to provide an intricate understanding, especially for residents here in Staffordshire.

Additionally, many Staffordshire personnel can help. Check out Best Live-in Carers in Staffordshire and Find Live-in Care in Staffordshire for skilled caregivers in your area.


When it comes to funding live-in care in Staffordshire, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. The best funding option for you or your loved one depends on individual needs, health conditions, and financial circumstances. We hope that our guide has better equipped you to navigate these crucial decisions. Remember you can also enlist professionals to ensure that you have the funding for the care you or your loved one deserves.

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