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All carers are background checked and can be contacted directly today. For the best chance of finding the right carer for you, we recommend posting a job and letting our matching system do the work for you.

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Susan G

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Edinburgh, UK

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Alison G

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Edinburgh, UK

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Pauline K

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Edinburgh, UK

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PrimeCarers offers an efficient, reliable and seamless outright solution to find, interview and hire private carers in Edinburgh, taking care of stringent background checks, matchmaking, contracts and payment.

Private Carers – The Definitive Guide (Updated for 2024)
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Why the Need for Private Carers

With an aging population rising, the need for high-quality care is becoming ever more pressing. Whether it's for yourself, your ageing parent or any loved one who needs special attention, everyone deserves respectful and efficient care in the comfort of their own home.

Private carers not only provide physical assistance, they also offer emotional support, encouragement and company to those in need. They are skilled professionals whose invaluable services can help preserve the dignity and independence of those they care for.

However, finding the right carer can be a daunting undertaking. From validating their qualifications to managing their schedules and payments, there is an array of factors that can make the process exhausting and time-consuming. At PrimeCarers, we simplify this process for you.

PrimeCarers: Your Ideal Partner in Carer Selection

PrimeCarers utilises an intuitive platform to help you find the best private carers tailored to your needs and preferences. With our extensive database of thoroughly vetted professional carers, the perfect fit is just a few clicks away.

Thorough Vetting

We take pride in our strict and comprehensive vetting process. Before a carer becomes a part of our platform, they undergo a thorough screening process which includes enhanced DBS certificates, ID checks, right to work checks and professional carer interviews.

This meticulous background verification ensures that only the most qualified, trustworthy and passionate carers make it to our platform.

Advanced Matchmaking

Our sophisticated matching algorithm uses over 80 parameters to ensure a perfect match. Leveraging the power of technology, we meticulously match your needs and preferences with the expertise, experience, and qualifications of the carers in our database.

Whether it’s around-the-clock care, day care, special needs care, or even pet-friendly care, our advanced system ensures you get the carer who is an ideal match for your unique needs.

Simplified Booking and Payment

PrimeCarers is designed to make your life easier. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to search, filter, shortlist, and book a carer effortlessly.

Once you've found your perfect carer, the booking and payment process is also straightforward. You can pay securely online through our platform, ensuring all transactions are seamlessly and securely processed.

At PrimeCarers, we believe in transparency and peace of mind. Thus, we furnish pre-written contracts to ensure clarity on all aspects of the care provided.

Issues, if they arise, are addressed promptly and fairly. We step in to mediate any disputes to ensure both clients and carers get a fair hearing and that any disagreements are resolved in a smooth, professional manner.

Reliable Replacement Care

We understand that interruptions in care due, be it to holidays or sickness, can be disruptive. Hence, we provide robust support in finding replacement carers to ensure that your needs continue to be met without a hitch.

Our team is always on standby to find the right backup whenever needed, making certain that your care is continuous and uncompromised.

Advantages of Private Carers in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, with its picturesque landscapes and historical landmarks, is a city where people want to stay rooted. The importance of contextually relevant care is particularly apparent in such places.

Private carers in Edinburgh, being locals themselves, understand and respect the culture and community patterns typical of the city. This contextual understanding of the city adds a layer of personal touch to the care that is offered by private carers registered with PrimeCarers.

Further advantages of private carers in Edinburgh can be explored in detail on our website.

The Cost of Home Care in Edinburgh

We believe cost should never be a barrier to receiving quality care. At PrimeCarers, we adhere to a transparent pricing model and you can find an unabridged breakdown of costs of home care in Edinburgh on our website.


Searching for the right care doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. PrimeCarers streamlines the process of searching, filtering, and booking private carers in Edinburgh by offering a user-friendly platform that combines efficiency, transparency and a plethora of well-vetted private carers.

We not only provide the best care, but we do so in a way that respects the dignity and individual needs of each person in our care. Be it for those golden years, special needs or temporary care, let PrimeCarers be your partner in providing professional, affordable, and quality care right in the comfort of your own home.

For a comprehensive understanding of what we offer and how we can assist you in delivering the best private care possible, our complete guide to private carers should be your go-to resource. Remember, at PrimeCarers, your comfort, dignity and wellbeing are our utmost priority. Get the best care today!

Meet Charlotte, Our Care Manager in Edinburgh

Introducing Charlotte, the dedicated client manager for PrimeCarers in Edinburgh. With a passion for providing the best care possible, Charlotte is here to help you connect with specialised private carers on our platform. Living locally in Edinburgh, she has a deep understanding of the unique needs and preferences of clients in the area. Whether you require assistance with personal care, meal preparation, or companionship, Charlotte is committed to finding the perfect carer match for you. Contact Charlotte today and experience the superior care that PrimeCarers in Edinburgh has to offer

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