Will Carers Look After Couples?

James Bowdler

11 September, 2023

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Yes, carers can look after couples, ensuring that both partners’ individual needs are met while allowing them to stay together. Care plans are customised to cater to each person, and services can range from live-in care to occasional support, adapting to the couple’s specific requirements for assistance and companionship.

The reality is, in many cases, when one partner begins to need care, so too does the other. As such, it’s essential to consider how caregiver support can be tailored to appropriately meet the needs of each member of the couple while still promoting their collective well-being.

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Carers for Couples

However, it’s essential to note that not all carers are open to looking after couples. According to data from PrimeCarers, approximately 11% of carers won’t cater to couples. The reasons vary, with some citing the increased workload, while others may feel unprepared for the possible complexities of caring for two people simultaneously.

But in most cases, professional carers are willing, able, and prepared to provide care for both members of a couple. They recognise the importance of allowing couples to stay together, especially when one or both partners require care.

The Work of Carers for Couples

Carers witnessing their clients’ plight are acutely aware of the benefits their work can provide. They typically have the training and experience to handle various care needs, from mobility assistance, personal care, and medication management to companionship and social engagement.

What’s more, emotional support is perhaps more vital than the practical assistance carers provide. They often become integral to their client’s everyday life, offering a helping hand, a friendly face, and a listening ear.

The Cost of Care for Couples

When it comes to the cost of care for couples, it is typically higher than for a single person — about 20 per cent more, according to PrimeCarers’ data. The reasons are quite simple: there’s an additional person to care for, which means more time, work, and resources needed.

However, it’s important to consider this additional cost in the context of the tremendous benefits it brings to the individuals being cared for and their extended network of family and friends.

Aside from the emotional benefits of couples being allowed to remain united, there are also potential financial savings to be made. Compared to the cost of residential care for two people, employing a carer to look after a couple at home can still be more cost-effective.


In conclusion, the answer to the question ‘Will carers look after couples?’ is yes in the vast majority of cases. While it might be slightly more expensive than care for one person, the benefits are significant.

Whether physical or mental health support, the personalized care plans are designed to meet the individual needs of both people, thus promoting healthier, happier living.

Even when financial considerations play a role, it’s a worthwhile investment. Not just for the practical, day-to-day support that a carer provides but for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are comfortable, cared for, and, above all, able to remain together in their own home.

At PrimeCarers, we champion this approach, working tirelessly to make the best matches of carers with individuals and couples alike. We understand each situation is unique and believe in providing the best care to meet each individual—and couple’s—distinct needs.

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