Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Tyne and Wear

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Tyne and Wear

Unlocking the potential of private care in Tyne and Wear brings a range of benefits including better choice and consistency of carers, affordability, and the comfort of staying in your own home.

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The Advantages of Private Care

Consistency in Your Care

When you opt for private care, such as that provided by PrimeCarers, you get the final say on who comes into your home and provides your care. This control ensures that you’ll always have a familiar and friendly face caring for you. Furthermore, as your health needs evolve, having a consistent carer can make adaptations and adjustments easier, as they're already familiar with your preferences and routine.


Hidden fees and extra cost can make care unaffordable for many, but with PrimeCarers, you're assured complete transparency. For live-in care, you're only charged a 12.5% fee and for hourly care, the fee ranges from 15% to 20%. This puts their costs well below those charged by many agencies, making them a competitively priced option.

Comfort Within Your Own Home

One of the best things about private care is that you can stay in your own home, in your own neighbourhood, in your own community. Remaining in familiar surroundings can play a significant role in maintaining overall health and happiness, especially for those suffering from conditions that affect the memory like Alzheimer's or dementia.

The Perfect Match

With PrimeCarers, they take the time to match the carer with you based on over 80 factors. They consider things like your hobbies, interests, personality traits, as well as specific care requirements. This tailored approach plays a significant role in the creation of a harmonious care relationship, a key to ensuring the quality of care provided.

Ideal for Couples

At PrimeCarers, they understand the unique dynamics and needs of each family, including couples who both require care. With only an average fee of £1,218 per week, they make it affordable for couples to receive the necessary care and support they need, at the comfort of their own home.

Personalised Activities

Aside from providing personal and health support, the carers can also accompany you on outings to local attractions around Tyne and Wear. Whether it's a visit to the beautiful gardens at Gibside or a quiet day at the quaint Tynemouth Market, or perhaps a stimulating trip to the Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, carers provide a balanced lifestyle that values your enjoyment and overall wellbeing.

Why Private Care is Superior to Agency Care

When comparing private carers with agency care, several key points make the former stand out as the superior choice for many people.

Hard-earned Money Goes to the Carer, Not the Agency

With agency care, between 30% to 50% of the fees you pay end up going to the agency, not the carer. With PrimeCarers, a significantly smaller cut is taken, meaning more of your money is directed towards quality care.

More Choice, Less Hassle

With agency care, the option to choose your carer is severely limited. On the contrary, PrimeCarers empower their clients with the freedom and flexibility to choose a carer that suits their needs and preferences the best.

Flexible Care Equals Fulfilled Needs

Agency care can often be overly structured and rigid for clients. The carers might be reluctant to undertake anything not explicitly stated in the initial care plan. However, PrimeCarers' flexible care approach tailors the plan according to the evolving needs of the client. Carers are encouraged to adapt and provide the necessary support, regardless of what the original care plan listed.

Consistency of Care

One of the main criticisms of agency care is the frequent changing of carers. Staff turnover can be high, and as rotas change, care consistency suffers. But with PrimeCarers, you'll always have a dedicated carer who learns and understands your specific needs and wants.

The move to private care presents a reliable, personalised solution for those who need it the most. By understanding the clear advantages of private care compared to agency care, more people in Tyne and Wear can enjoy top-quality care that suits their lifestyle and maintains their independence. PrimeCarers provides consistent, affordable, and flexible care. They prioritise comfort and fit, making at-home care accessible and beneficial for everyone. The advantages of this model of care could unlock a more pleasant and fulfilling way of living for many people, bringing quality of life they might not have thought possible.

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