Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Midlothian

Map of Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Midlothian showing towns we provide care in
Most Popular Hobbies Among Companionship Carers in Midlothian

Companionship carers in Midlothian rely on a wide range of hobbies to facilitate bonds with their clients, aiding in their provision of personalised, compassionate care.

Comforting Companionship Care Services in Midlothian
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Matching Carers with Clients: The Role of Hobbies

Finding the right carer can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But at PrimeCarers, we simplify this process, helping to match clients and companionship carers based on a variety of factors, including shared hobbies and interests. Familiar pastimes not only create an immediate connection, they're also an excellent platform for fruitful interactions and shared experiences during caregiving.

This principle is embedded in our matching algorithm which factors in the hobbies carers bring to the table. For Midlothian, a county in the Scottish lowlands, these range from mainstream activities like walking to more niche pursuits such as embroidery. Below is a snapshot of the most common pastimes among our carers in the county:

| Hobby | Percent of Carers | | --- | --- | | Walking | 67.6% | | Cooking & Baking | 59.5% | | Reading | 48.6% | | Watching TV | 45.9% | | Music | 45.9% | | Socialising | 37.8% | | Gardening | 37.8% | | Photography | 35.1% | | Dancing | 35.1% | | Decorating | 32.4% | | Sports | 29.7% | | Painting | 27.0% | | Card Games | 27.0% | | Puzzles | 24.3% | | Volunteering | 24.3% | | Board Games | 24.3% | | Knitting | 18.9% | | DIY | 16.2% | | Video Games | 16.2% | | Writing | 13.5% | | Fishing | 13.5% | | Embroidery | 5.4% | | Yoga | 5.4% | | Collecting | 5.4% |

Let’s delve deeper into a few of these hobbies and discuss how they can bring added value to a companionship care experience.

Hobbies in Spotlight: Walking, Cooking & Baking, and Board Games


Walking, the top-rated hobby among our carers, is more than just a physical activity—it's also a fabulous way to connect. It encourages intimate conversations and supports physical wellbeing. Plus, Midlothian's stunning landscapes and rich historical sites make for perfect walking trails. With a carer who loves to walk, you'll never lack engaging outdoor excursions. You can find more about such opportunity-filled outings in our guide Can Carers Take You Out?

Cooking & Baking

What’s better than mouth-watering homemade meals? Companionship carers with a passion for cooking and baking bring great joy, comfort, and nutrition to their clients. An afternoon spent baking treats or preparing a family recipe can stir fond memories, boost mood, and facilitate enjoyable meal times. Currently, 59.5% of our Midlothian carers enjoy this hobby, indicating its significant potential for enhancing companionship care experiences.

Board Games

Board games, enjoyed by 24.3% of our carers, are perfect for stimulating the mind and promoting social interaction. Whether engaging in a friendly chess match or assembling a jigsaw puzzle, these games can bring a sense of accomplishment and fun while spending time indoors. You can read more about activities to do with a carer here.


Shared hobbies are fantastic icebreakers and, when personalised care is involved, they foster strong relationships between companionship carers and clients. At PrimeCarers, we understand this importance and ensure to factor it into our matching process for Midlothian carers.

So whether you love a brisk walk in the morning, revel in the comfort of home-cooked meals, or fancy a game night with friends, rest assured you’ll find a companion who shares your interest. Explore your options for companionship care in Midlothian today.

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