Best Outings for the Elderly in Devon

Map of Best Outings for the Elderly in Devon showing towns we provide care in
Best Outings for the Elderly in Devon

Devon, nestled into the southwestern corner of England, is rich with scenic spots, fascinating attractions, and tranquil green spaces that make for the perfect outings for the elderly aided by a caring companion from PrimeCarers.

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A Carer's Role in Outings

The presence of a carer during outings cannot be emphasised enough, especially when planning activities for the elderly. Not only can they provide help with mobility or offer assistance when needed, but a carer also adds a level of comfort and safety, allowing seniors to enjoy their outings without any worries.

A trip out and about in Devon's beautiful surroundings can be enhanced with the supporting hand of a carer who can take on myriad roles. A carer can help organise the outing, ensuring that the day is paced appropriately and that all necessary provisions are packed. During the outing, they provide physical assistance, whether that's helping a senior navigate uneven terrain or just offering an arm for support. Carers are also great companions, engaging in enlightening conversations and sharing the experiences of the day. This companionship can often be as valuable as the physical support they provide. The connection cultivated during these shared experiences can help in alleviating feelings of loneliness, which is highly beneficial for mental health.

Apart from the practical assistance they provide, carers also play a crucial role in facilitating social interactions and enriching experiences, which are essential for maintaining cognitive health and enhancing the overall quality of life for seniors.

Benefits of Outings

Life should never become monotonous, no matter your age. Coming out of their daily routines and indulging in recreational activities, seniors can experience a renewed sense of excitement and vitality. Outings prove beneficial for seniors in multiple ways, not the least of which is the positive impact on mental health. Many studies show a correlation between an active lifestyle in older age and a decrease in depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.

Moreover, outings can help improve physical health as well. Gentle walks can go a long way towards enhancing cardiovascular health and maintaining flexibility and strength. Lastly, swapping the four walls of one's home with the vibrant scenery of Devon provides an inherent rejuvenation that fosters overall well-being, leaving seniors healthier, happier, and more engaged.

Exploring RHS Garden Rosemoor

RHS Garden Rosemoor is a beautiful blend of formal and informal gardens, just waiting to be explored. This lush garden offers stunning year-round interest and provides seniors with a peaceful ambience to enjoy some quiet time with nature. With a carer's assistance, navigating the undulating terrain becomes easier.

A Stroll at Paignton Zoo

Another excellent destination for seniors is the Paignton Zoo, home to many exotic animals from around the world. The sheer variety of animals residing here is fascinating for all ages. A carer can certainly help in making the experience more enjoyable, especially for those seniors who struggle with mobility. Allowing the elderly to enjoy these outings with no stress in their heads is a key role of a carer.

A Trip to National Trust's A La Ronde

A La Ronde, a quirky 18th-century house with fascinating interior decorations and more than 500 scenic acres land offers a unique appeal for seniors. What could be more pleasurable than taking a step back into history and appreciating the intricacies of the past? The carer can take on the role of not only an aide but also a companion, enjoying the historical journey along with the seniors.


Everyone deserves to enjoy their golden years to the fullest. The assistance of a carer removes many potential obstacles, enabling seniors to live their lives with full zest. Each outing in Devon, from the quiet allure of RHS Garden Rosemoor to the fascinating sights of Paignton Zoo, paints a picture of an enriched life. It’s all about creating beautiful memories, one outing at a time.

To find your ideal carer for outings in Devon, visit Find Elderly Care in Devon and explore a range of carer profiles according to your requirements. Meanwhile, you may also want to look at our Complete Guide to Elderly Care, which provides a roadmap to navigating the landscape of care, from home to outings. For other recreational activities for seniors, discover 70+ Activities for the elderly, a dedicated resource to keep seniors engaged and active.

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