70+ Activities for Elderly Parents: The Ultimate List

James Bowdler

1 April, 2023

2 min read

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As our loved ones age, it’s important to keep them engaged and active to maintain their physical and mental well-being. In this article, we will explore a variety of activities for elderly parents, ranging from physical activities to sit-down games and hobbies. These activities can help improve their quality of life and strengthen the bond between family members.

Below are over 70 activities, categorised by activity type. This is the most comprehensive and in-depth guide to activities for the elderly, that you will find anywhere in the world.

Keep the Mind Healthy with Activities and Games
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Physical Activities

Physical activities are important for elderly people. They help keep their bodies, minds, and emotions healthy. Regular exercise can improve balance, flexibility, strength, and heart health. It can also help prevent falls, serious illnesses, and mental decline. Here are some easy physical activities for elderly parents:


Walking is a simple but helpful way for elderly parents to stay active. It makes their hearts healthier, muscles stronger, and bodies more flexible. Encourage your parents to walk around their neighbourhood or visit nearby parks. For extra help, PrimeCarers can connect you with private carers to assist your parents during their walks.


Gardening is a fun activity that lets elderly parents enjoy nature. It can help improve their hand skills and give them a sense of achievement as they care for plants and watch them grow. To make gardening easier, think about using raised beds or containers. Learn more about home technology for the elderly to make their gardening experience even better.


Birdwatching is a peaceful and interesting hobby for elderly parents. Help them set up a bird feeder in their garden or take them to local parks or nature reserves. Birdwatching can encourage them to spend time outside, enjoy nature, and sharpen their observation skills.

Sports and More Strenuous Activities


Fishing is a calming and fun outdoor activity for elderly parents. It offers chances for socializing, mental exercise, and enjoying nature. Help your parents find local fishing spots or join a fishing club for a more social experience.


Golf is a low-impact sport that’s good for seniors. It gives them chances to socialize, exercise, and think. Help your parents join a golf club or take lessons to improve their skills and enjoy the sport’s social side.


Bowls, or lawn bowls, is a low-impact sport that seniors can enjoy. It offers chances for socializing, exercise, and thinking, as players need to plan their moves. Help your parents join a bowls club or play in social games to enjoy this sport’s benefits.

Yoga and Tai Chi

Yoga and Tai Chi are gentle exercises that can help elderly parents with flexibility, balance, and strength. These practices also offer chances for socializing and thinking. Help your parents join a local yoga or Tai Chi class for seniors to enjoy these practices’ benefits.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga is a type of yoga that lets elderly people do yoga while sitting or using a chair for support. It can help with flexibility, strength, and balance and also promote relaxation and stress relief. Look for chair yoga classes in your community or find online resources to help guide your parents through the practice.

It’s important to find ways to keep elderly parents active and engaged for their well-being. PrimeCarers can help connect you with private carers to support your parents as they explore these activities and more.


Hiking is a fun and low-impact exercise for seniors. Help your parents explore local walking trails or join a walking or hiking group for older adults. Walking and hiking offer chances for socialising, exercising, and enjoying nature.

Swimming and Water Aerobics

Swimming and water aerobics are great low-impact exercises for elderly parents. Water gives natural resistance and buoyancy, making these activities easy on the joints while still providing a full-body workout. Help your parents join a local swimming pool or take part in water aerobics classes for seniors.

Outdoor Exercise Classes

Encourage your elderly parents to join outdoor exercise classes for seniors, like tai chi, yoga, or gentle aerobics. Outdoor exercise offers many health benefits, including improved balance, flexibility, and well-being. Joining a class can also provide social interaction and motivation to maintain a regular exercise routine.


Pickleball is a fun, growing sport that mixes elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. It’s played on a smaller court with a modified tennis net, paddles, and a light plastic ball. This low-impact sport may be a good option for your elderly parent.

Mental Stimulation

Mental stimulation is important for the elderly as they help keep their minds active and healthy. Doing things like reading, solving puzzles, and learning new skills can improve thinking and lower the risk of mental decline. Here are some ways to do this:

Board Games

Board games can be a fun way to keep elderly parents mentally sharp. Classic games like chess, checkers, and Scrabble can help improve thinking and memory. For a more interactive experience, consider games like Pictionary or charades. Learn more activities and games to keep their minds active.

Card Games

Card games like bridge, poker, and rummy can be entertaining and challenge the mind. Playing cards can help improve memory, strategic thinking, and social interaction. Think about setting up a regular card game night with friends and family to encourage socializing.

Puzzles and Brain Games

Puzzles and brain games, such as crosswords, Sudoku, or jigsaw puzzles, can give seniors mental stimulation and a sense of achievement. Encourage your elderly parents to do puzzles and brain games often to help keep and improve their mental abilities.

Reading and Audiobooks

Reading is a great way to keep elderly parents mentally engaged and stimulate their imagination. If their eyesight isn’t as strong, consider audiobooks as an alternative. Encourage your parents to join a book club or set up a reading corner at home to make it a more enjoyable experience. Explore movies about care for more entertainment options.

Mind and Memory Games


Puzzles are an excellent way to keep the mind sharp and engaged. Encourage your parents to try different types of puzzles, such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, or Sudoku. Puzzles can help improve problem-solving skills, memory, and cognitive function.

Memory Games

Memory games can be a fun and stimulating activity for elderly parents. From matching games to card games like Concentration, there are various memory games to explore. Playing memory games can help enhance memory and cognitive skills while providing an enjoyable pastime.

Social Activities

Social activity is important for the elderly because it provides emotional support, reduces loneliness and isolation, promotes mental and physical well-being, and helps maintain cognitive function. This includes group outings, volunteer work, and participation in clubs or organizations, providing opportunities for learning, self-expression, and personal growth. Here are some ways to access this:


Volunteering can provide a sense of purpose and social interaction for elderly parents. Many organizations always need volunteers, such as libraries, hospitals and community centres. Help your parents find a cause they are passionate about and encourage them to get involved.

Senior Centers and Social Clubs

Encourage your elderly parents to join local clubs or activity groups to stay socially engaged and connected with others. Many community centres and organizations offer clubs and groups catered to seniors, such as book clubs, gardening clubs, or exercise classes. Social activities can help reduce feelings of isolation and improve overall mental health.

Intergenerational Activities

Spend time with grandchildren or join community programs. This helps make friends, get support, and learn new things.

PrimeCarers helps find carers to support your parents in these activities.

Music and Dance

Music has many benefits for elderly people, like better mood, less stress, and making friends. It can also be a fun hobby.

Listening to Music

Music can be a powerful way to evoke memories, boost mood, and provide mental stimulation for elderly parents. Encourage your parents to listen to their favourite tunes, explore new genres, or even attend concerts or musical performances in the community. Music can also serve as a form of relaxation and stress relief.


Dancing can be a fun and engaging way for elderly parents to stay active and socialize. Consider enrolling them in a dance class tailored for seniors or organizing a family dance night at home. Dancing can help improve balance, coordination, and overall fitness while also providing a fun and enjoyable experience.

Attending Concerts and Performances

Take your elderly parents to concerts or live shows. Check local events for age-appropriate shows, like classical music concerts, theatre, or cultural events. Live events can help with social interaction and entertainment.

Playing Musical Instruments

Playing an instrument can be fun and good for the brain. Encourage your parents to practice, join a music group, or learn a new instrument.

Cooking and Baking

Cooking is important for the elderly as it can provide them with a sense of purpose, independence, and creativity. It also offers opportunities to engage with family and friends, and can also be a way to maintain and improve cognitive and physical abilities. Additionally, cooking and preparing meals at home can lead to healthier eating habits and better nutrition.

Cooking Together

Cooking can be a fulfilling and creative activity for elderly parents. Encourage your parents to try out new recipes or recreate family favorites. Cooking together not only offers an opportunity to bond but also helps in maintaining their independence and fine motor skills. Learn more about delivering good food and nutrition as a carer.


Baking can be a comforting and creative hobby for elderly parents. Encourage them to bake their favourite treats or try out new recipes. Baking can help improve fine motor skills and cognitive function and provide a sense of accomplishment as they create delicious baked goods to share with family and friends.

Pet Therapy

Interacting with Pets

Pets can provide friendship, emotional support, and a sense of purpose for elderly parents. Interacting with pets can help reduce stress, loneliness, and improve overall well-being. Consider getting a pet for seniors or arranging visits with therapy animals.

Creative Activities

Creative activities are important for elderly people. They help the brain, reduce stress, and make people feel good. Creative activities like painting, writing, or crafting can also help elderly people make friends.

Painting and Drawing

Help your elderly parents try painting and drawing. These activities help with motor skills and thinking. Set up a small art station at home or sign them up for an art class.

Knitting and Crocheting

Knitting and crocheting are relaxing hobbies for elderly parents. They help with focus and make beautiful items. Start with simple projects, like scarves or dishcloths.


Crafting is a fun activity for elderly parents. There are many hobbies to try, like knitting, scrapbooking, and woodworking. Help your parents find crafts they enjoy.


Photography is a fun hobby for elderly people. Give your parents a camera or smartphone and teach them how to take pictures. They can take photos of their daily life or during family outings.

Making Photo Albums

Help your elderly parents make photo albums with their favourite memories. Organizing photos can help with thinking and bring back good memories.


Writing is a good activity for seniors. Encourage your elderly parents to try journaling, poetry, or storytelling. Writing can help them remember their life and share it with others.


Scrapbooking is a fun hobby for elderly parents. They can make albums with photos and other decorations. Help by giving them supplies like stickers, stamps, scissors, and glue. It’s a great way to share stories and make something special for their family.

By helping your elderly parents with different activities, you can make them happy and healthy. PrimeCarers helps find carers to help your parents with these activities and more.

Technology and Online Activities for the Elderly

Using tech and going online is key for elderly people. It helps them learn, connect, and get info. It can also help them be independent and improve their quality of life. By using technology, they can talk to loved ones, access entertainment and information, and join online communities and games.

Video Calls with Family and Friends

Help your parents make video calls with family and friends using platforms like Zoom or Skype. Regular video calls can help them feel less lonely and provide social interaction.

Online Games and Activities

The internet has many games and activities for elderly people. Help your parents find engaging online games to keep their minds sharp and entertained.

Learning to Use Technology

Teach your elderly parents how to use smartphones, tablets, or computers. This can help them stay connected with friends and family, access online resources, and enjoy digital entertainment.

Exploring Virtual Reality

Introduce your elderly parents to virtual reality (VR). VR can help them travel, explore, and learn without leaving home. Look for VR experiences for seniors that focus on cognitive stimulation, relaxation, or entertainment.

Online Courses

Help your elderly parents find online courses to learn new things. Websites like Coursera and Udemy offer courses on many topics and skill levels.

Social Media

Teach your elderly parents how to use social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. This can help them stay connected with friends and family, share experiences, and follow current events.

Alexa Games

Teach your elderly parents how to use Alexa to play trivia games, word games, or interactive stories. Alexa games can provide cognitive stimulation and entertainment.

Watching Classic Movies

Watch classic movies with your elderly parents. This can create bonding experiences and spark conversations about memories and past experiences.

Travel and Exploration

Travel gives chances for new experiences, meeting people, and learning. It can help keep the mind active, increase physical activity, and reduce stress.

Day Trips

Plan day trips to local attractions, museums, or historical sites. Day trips can help stimulate the mind, promote physical activity, and create lasting memories.

Weekend Getaways

Plan a weekend getaway with your elderly parents to spend quality time together and explore new destinations. Choose a location that is accessible and offers activities suitable for seniors.

Senior Travel Groups

Encourage your parents to join a senior travel group to meet like-minded people and explore new places together. Traveling with a group can provide a sense of camaraderie and improve social interaction.

Outdoor Picnics

Plan outdoor picnics for your elderly parents in local parks or nature reserves. Picnics offer a chance to enjoy the outdoors, engage in conversation, and share a meal with loved ones. Bring comfortable seating to ensure their comfort during the picnic.

Lifelong Learning

Classes or Workshops

Elderly parents can stay sharp with lifelong learning. Help them find classes or workshops they like, like art or languages. Many places have programs for seniors, so it’s easy to find options.

At PrimeCarers, we know quality care is important. Our services help find private carers who can support your parents in these activities, making their lives enjoyable.

Online Courses

Show your parents online learning. Many websites have free or low-cost courses on many subjects. Help them find courses they like, from history to crafts. Online courses can boost their mental function and give a sense of accomplishment.

Book Clubs

Book clubs can be fun and stimulating for elderly parents. Help them find a local club or start one with friends. Book clubs can improve reading, mental function, and social interaction.

Educational Activities

Learning a New Language

Learning a language can boost seniors’ minds and offer social chances. Help your elderly parents learn a language they’ve always wanted. Sign them up for courses or use language apps and websites.

Lectures or Workshops

Many places have educational lectures and workshops. Encourage your elderly parents to attend and stay mentally engaged. These events can offer social interaction and mental stimulation.

Online Courses

Online courses are a convenient way for seniors to learn new things at home. Encourage your elderly parents to explore platforms like Coursera or Udemy. Online courses can stimulate their minds and help develop new interests.

Reading Clubs

Reading clubs offer social interaction and mental stimulation. Encourage your elderly parents to join a local club or start one with friends. Reading clubs help seniors stay engaged and feel connected.

Learning New Hobbies

Encourage your elderly parents to explore new hobbies, such as painting, knitting, or woodworking. Learning new skills can provide intellectual stimulation, a sense of accomplishment, and opportunities for self-expression. Assist them in finding resources, such as instructional books, videos, or classes, to get started with their new hobbies.

Volunteering and Community Involvement

Volunteering and community involvement are essential for the elderly as they promote socialization, mental stimulation, and a sense of purpose while maintaining physical health and fostering intergenerational connections. These activities enable seniors to give back to their communities and provide structure to their lives, contributing to improved mental health, personal growth, and ultimately, a longer and more fulfilling life.


Volunteering can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience for elderly parents. Encourage them to get involved in local community organizations, charities, or clubs. Volunteering can provide a sense of purpose, improve social interaction, and contribute to their overall well-being.

Joining Senior Clubs

Senior clubs and organizations can offer a variety of social, recreational, and educational opportunities for elderly parents. Encourage your parents to join local clubs, such as gardening clubs, book clubs, or art groups. Participating in senior clubs can help improve social interaction, cognitive function, and overall happiness.

Participating in Community Events

Attending community events can provide a great opportunity for elderly parents to socialize, stay informed, and feel connected to their local community. Encourage your parents to attend events such as farmer’s markets, town hall meetings, or local festivals. Participating in community events can improve social interaction and help foster a sense of belonging.

Jobs for Elderly Parents That Pay Money

Elderly retirees can continue working to supplement their income, remain active, and stay engaged. Studies indicate that sustained employment contributes to a healthier and more extended life. Here are several suitable paid employment opportunities for senior parents to explore:

Pet Care and Pet Sitting

Elderly parents who love animals can offer pet-sitting or dog-walking services to their neighbors or friends. They can advertise their services through social media or local advertisements. They can also participate in websites like Rover or Wag, where they can offer their services to pet owners in their area. This can be a fun and rewarding way to earn money while spending time with furry friends.

House Sitting

Elderly parents who are responsible and reliable can offer house-sitting services to individuals or families who need someone to look after their homes while they are away. They can advertise their services through social media or local advertisements. They can also participate in websites like TrustedHousesitters or HouseSitter.com, where they can offer their services to homeowners in their area.

Selling Online

Elderly parents who have a knack for finding bargains or have unique items they no longer need can sell them online through websites like eBay or Amazon. They can also participate in local online marketplaces like Facebook Marketplace or Nextdoor. This can be a great way to declutter their homes and earn some extra cash.


Elderly parents who have expertise in a particular subject can offer tutoring services to students in their community. They can advertise their services through social media or local advertisements. They can also participate in websites like Tutor.com or Wyzant, where they can offer their services to students from around the world. Tutoring can be a fulfilling way to share knowledge and earn money.

Freelance Work

Elderly parents who have skills in writing, editing, graphic design, or other areas can offer their services as freelancers. They can participate in websites like Fiverr or Upwork

Encouraging your elderly parents to participate in jobs that pay money can provide them with financial stability and a sense of purpose. It’s essential to identify jobs that align with their interests and skill sets to ensure their engagement and success.


Elderly parents who have extensive experience in a particular industry can offer consulting services to businesses and individuals. They can use their knowledge and expertise to guide clients in making strategic decisions, improving processes, and achieving business objectives. To offer their consulting services to clients from around the world, they can participate in websites like Clarity or Zintro.


Elderly parents who have a talent for teaching and motivating can offer coaching services to individuals or groups in their community. They can use their experience and skills to guide clients in achieving their personal or professional goals. To advertise their coaching services, they can use social media or local ads, and they can also participate in websites like Coach.me or Thumbtack to reach clients globally.


Elderly parents who have a passion for teaching can offer their services as a tutor or instructor in their community. They can teach subjects they have expertise in or offer general life skills classes. To advertise their services, they can use social media or local ads, and they can also participate in websites like Teachable or Skillshare to reach students from around the world.


By supporting your elderly parents in engaging with a wide variety of activities, you can significantly enhance their overall well-being and happiness. PrimeCarers is committed to connecting you with private carers who can assist your parents in participating in these activities and more. Our services ensure that your loved ones receive the quality care and support they need to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

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