Funding Home Care in Cumbria

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Funding Home Care in Cumbria

Funding home care in Cumbria involves availing council funding, NHS continuing healthcare funds, or opting to self-fund; each scheme with its respective assessment process and eligibility requirements.

Home Care in Cumbria
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Council Funding for Home Care

Established by your local authority, council funding offers considerable assistance in covering your home care expenses. Here's a closer look at how this funding mechanism works, and what it would take to start the process:

How It Works

Council fund allocation for home care initially relies on a care needs assessment conducted by local social services in Cumbria. The mandate of this evaluation is to pinpoint exactly what type of care you may require and scrutinise whether it would best be administered at home. Following this, the council then undertakes a financial assessment, or "means test", to determine how much you can contribute to your care.

In the case that you qualify for council help, you may receive direct payments, allowing you to have discretion over your care or a personalised budget that lets you have a say in planning your care.

For those residents in Cumbria seeking out hourly care, respite care, or live-in care, you can find the appropriate help from PrimeCarers. Take the time in finding the right care for you or a loved one.

Getting Started with Council Funding

Your first step to availing council funding is to get in touch with the Adult Social Care department of your local council. In Cumbria, potential fund recipients can apply through the Cumbria local authority's official portal. The website provides comprehensive guidance in applying for an assessment.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care provided outside of a hospital and funded entirely by the NHS. It is for those with significant, ongoing healthcare needs.

How It Works

In order to potentially qualify for this type of funding, a Complete Assessment of Health needs must be carried out. This involves a detailed assessment, which takes into account factors such as the nature and complexity of the person's needs; the intensity and unpredictability of the need, including any risks to the individual's health if the right care is not supplied promptly.

The NHS continuing healthcare covers the full range of services, from personal care such as dressing and feeding to nursing and medical care. Note that this package can also cover the cost of home care if you require a live-in carer.

Getting Started with NHS Continuing Healthcare

As an essential first step, discuss the potential need for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding with your GP, hospital consultant, or social worker. From there, the Checklist tool is used as a screening process to identify individuals who may require a Full Assessment. The ICB are responsible for the arrangement of assessments for ongoing healthcare.

For more comprehensive information of maintaining your health using this form of funding, consult the NHS Continuing Healthcare Guide or visit the North and East Cumbria Integrated Commissioning Board's website.

Private Funding

Private funding, also known as self-funding, is a viable option for those capable and willing to manage their home care financing.

How It Works

Private funding gives you the freedom to select from a wider array of care options and agencies. However, it's imperative to plan and manage your finances thoroughly. PrimeCarers offers a complete guide on self-funding for your convenience.

Getting Started with Private Funding

Starting your journey as a self-funder involves considering all the costs associated with long-term home care. It may also require seeking professional advice regarding wealth management. To ease the burden of finding the best caregivers to provide your chosen type of home care, PrimeCarers ensures the selection process is hassle-free.

In conclusion, understanding the funding options available to you is essential to accessing all the care you need. Reflect on your options, whether that is council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, or private funding. After all, taking the first step towards receiving home care is a stride towards enhancing quality of life in the comfort of your home.

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