Types of Home Care in Kingston upon Hull

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Types of Home Care in Kingston upon Hull

Kingston upon Hull, or simply Hull, is filled with diverse home care options available through PrimeCarers. Our offerings range from hourly care, overnight care to more intensive live-in care, catering for several needs like companionship, personal care, complex care, and more.

Home Care in Kingston upon Hull
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Hourly Care

Hourly care, for instance, is a fundamental part of the services provided by PrimeCarers. This involves professional carers coming to individuals' homes and aiding them in a variety of tasks within a set timeframe, usually for a couple of hours during the day.

What Hourly Care Looks Like

The service is commonly employed when loved ones need a break, or when support is required for tasks such as cooking, cleaning, medication administration, or even personal care. This could prove particularly beneficial in caterings for a wide range of conditions provided by PrimeCarers.

Hourly Care for Specific Needs

Hourly care proves highly useful in numerous cases. For instance, if you're looking for Dementia care in Kingston upon Hull, hourly care stands as a formidable package that offers personalised care and stimulation to the individual.

Overnight Care

Overnight care is another crucial package that PrimeCarers provides. This can be especially helpful when dealing with individuals suffering from conditions such as Parkinson's, which interrupt normal sleep patterns and can necessitate assistance at any time during the night.

The Importance of Overnight Care

The Parkinson's care provided via the overnight care package not only assists the individual but also provides respite for caregivers who might have been losing sleep, literally, over their loved ones' condition.

Live-in Care

For more intensive care needs, PrimeCarers offers a live-in care service. This entails a professional carer moving into the home of the individual needing care, being available around the clock to provide help with routine tasks through to complex care needs.

Who Is Live-in Care For?

Live-in care is typically in demand among older people suffering from conditions that need close monitoring like MS. The PrimeCarers MS Care service ensures that a professional carer is always nearby, ready to step in and provide aid at a moment's notice.

The Basics of Live-in Care

This care provision could range from mundane tasks like cooking and cleaning to highly specialised tasks like personal care and medication administration. Moreover, having someone around the clock can provide an extra sense of security and companionship for individuals living in isolation, an added benefit that non-live-in care options might not provide.

Catering for Specific Needs

Stroke Recovery Care

Stroke recovery is a challenging time for any individual and their loved ones. The Stroke Recovery Care from PrimeCarers provides much-needed support during this critical period, assisting with medication, rehabilitation exercises, and personal care to help speed up the recovery process.

Companionship Care

Sometimes, all that our loved ones need is someone to share in their day, listen to their stories, and provide the company they long for. PrimeCarers' Companionship care aims to fulfil this critical aspect of an individual's mental and emotional well-being.

Complex Care

Beyond the typical personal care and companionship, some individuals require more specialised types of care. PrimeCarers provides a range of complex care services, ensuring that each individual's unique needs are catered for, no matter how specialised they may be.


In conclusion, PrimeCarers offers a diverse range of home care options in Kingston upon Hull to ensure that no matter the level of need of the individual, everyone can be catered for. Be it from hourly care to overnight care to live-in care or even specific needs-related care, there is a distinctly tailored package for each person. To learn more about the diverse services available and how these can be tailored to suit your loved ones, reach out to us, or visit the PrimeCarers website.

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