Funding Home Care in Leicester

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Funding Home Care in Leicester

Funding your home care in Leicester combines exploring council funding, NHS continuing care, and private funding, whereby understanding each option can steer your decision-making.

Home Care in Leicester
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Council Funding for Home Care

Leicester City Council can offer adult social care support through funding, directly impacting those in need of home care within Leicester. To obtain council funding, one must first undergo an assessment to evaluate their care needs.

How Council Funding Works

Upon presenting your care needs to the local council, they will conduct a Care Needs Assessment. This assessment will determine the level of support you require and ascertain if you're eligible for assistance.

You might also undergo a financial assessment, also known as a means test, to determine your financial capacity to contribute towards your care. This considers your income, savings, and assets. The findings could lead to a full or partial contribution to your care costs, or exemption from these costs.

In case of partial funding, the council will provide a "personal budget", determining your care's cost and your contribution towards it. You can find more information on Leicester City Council's official page here.

First Steps Towards Council Funding

Reach out to Leicester City Council to request a Care Needs Assessment. This is the first crucial step towards obtaining council funding for your home care. Eligibility is primarily based on your level of need – therefore, it's imperative to clearly state your requirements.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

The Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Integrated Commissioning Board oversees the provision of NHS Continuing Healthcare in the area. This form of funding is entirely funded by the NHS, providing a package of care for people with substantial, ongoing health needs.

How NHS Continuing Care Works

Once eligibility is determined, you'll receive a "care and support package" that encapsulates all your care needs, including personal and healthcare requirements. This ensures your needs become seamlessly integrated into the care you receive at home – which could be hourly care, live-in care, or respite care.

Those with complex needs benefit from this form of care as it's tailored specifically around individual health requirements. Further details on NHS continuing healthcare can be found here.

Steps to Access NHS Continuing Care

Reach out to your GP or social worker to organise an NHS Continuing Healthcare screening. A comprehensive assessment follows if the screening suggests you might be eligible. Here, a multidisciplinary team evaluates whether you qualify for full funding. To understand this further, refer to our Complete Guide to NHS Continuing Healthcare.

Private Funding for Home Care

For those who aren't eligible for support from the council or the NHS, or prefer more autonomy over their care, private funding is an option. It offers the flexibility to choose among the types of home care available, including personal care, companionship, and specialised care.

How Private Funding Works

Private funding is entirely self-financed. Unlike council funding, this option bypasses the need for eligibility assessments. The cost of home care varies based on the care type and the duration you need.

Starting with Private Funding

Begin by identifying your care needs. Independent assessments can help shape your understanding and narrow down the services that might suit you best. You can then search for and employ carers via platforms like PrimeCarers, providing you with a range of possibilities to select the best home carers in Leicester. Further details on self-funding care are shared in our Complete Guide to Self-Funding Care.


The journey to fund home care in Leicester starts with a comprehensive understanding of available options. Each funding type serves different needs and circumstances, and the choice between council funding, NHS continuing care, and private funding allows you to structure the care provision that suits your requirements best.

Ascertaining the right funding source involves clear knowledge of the care needs and financial capability. Remember that the ultimate goal is ensuring you receive the care needed to support a comfortable, independent lifestyle at home.

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