Funding Home Care in Norfolk

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Funding Home Care in Norfolk

Funding home care in Norfolk is achievable through a variety of sources such as council funding, NHS continuing care, and private funding.

Home Care in Norfolk
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Council Funding for Home Care in Norfolk

Council funding is one of the foremost ways of financing home care in Norfolk. The Norfolk local authority may provide financial support for those in need, and if you qualify, you could be provided with funds to cover part or all your care costs.

How Council Funding Works

Council funding operates under a means-testing policy. This means your eligibility for financial support relies heavily on your income, savings, and assets. Upon applying, the Council carries out a financial assessment, called a means test, to determine whether you qualify for funding. This process is vital and usually comes after a care needs assessment.

Steps to Apply for Council Funding

  1. Contact the Norfolk local authority and arrange a care needs assessment. A care worker or a health professional will come to your home, assess your care needs, and make a recommendation for the kind of care best suited to your needs.
  2. After the care needs assessment, if you're found to require care services, you can then request a financial assessment (or 'means test').
  3. The means-test assesses your income, savings and expenses to determine how much you can contribute towards your care.

For further details and applications, here's the link to Norfolk local authority's website:

NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare is another robust means of funding home care in Norfolk. NHS continuing healthcare covers the complete cost of care for individuals with severe, ongoing health conditions outside of a hospital setting.

How NHS Continuing Healthcare Works

NHS Continuing Healthcare is a package of care provided by the NHS for those who have significant ongoing healthcare needs. It's not means-tested, and therefore the financial situation of the person in need of care doesn't affect eligibility. It's rather based on an individual’s healthcare needs, and it applies whether the care is provided in your own home or a care home.

Steps to Apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare

  1. Firstly, your eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare is considered by a healthcare professional through a checklist tool. The checklist is a brief assessment to decide if you need a full assessment.
  2. If the checklist indicates that you might be eligible, a multidisciplinary team (MDT) will carry out a full assessment using a tool known as the Decision Support Tool (DST).
  3. The MDT submits their recommendation about your eligibility to Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Commissioning Board, who will make the final decision.

For more indepth about NHS Continuing Healthcare, you can visit the webpage of Norfolk and Waveney Integrated Commissioning here

Private Funding for Home Care

Private funding is another alternative for financing home care, popular among individuals who don't qualify for council or NHS funding.

How Private Funding Works

With private funding, you take responsibility for covering your care costs. This comes from personal income, savings, pension or the sale of property or assets. You'll need a clear understanding of the cost of home care in Norfolk.

Steps for Private Funding

  1. Get a financial advisor involved to help consider the best options for you.
  2. Look at the costs for different types of care needs and services available in Norfolk. A useful source for such information is PrimeCarers' Cost of Home Care in Norfolk page.
  3. Consider seeking a care needs assessment to help determine the level of support you require.
  4. Research various care providers to compare rates, quality of service, and types of care available. PrimeCarers' Best Home Carers in Norfolk page has a wealth of options for you to explore.


Regardless of your funding source – whether it's council funding, NHS continuing healthcare or private funding – learning how to fund care in Norfolk needn't be a strenuous process. By understanding these key funding options and how they each work, taking the first step becomes simpler. PrimeCarers is at your service to help make these decisions easier by providing detailed guides on the essential aspects related to home care in Norfolk.

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