Best Home Carers in Powys

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Best Home Carers in Powys

The Best Home Carers in Powys bring extensive experience, compassionate approach, and comprehensive care solutions to assist residents in living a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Home Care in Powys
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James Mwaguta P – Lending a Helping Hand


James Mwaguta P is one of the star home carers available on PrimeCarers. With six years in the care industry, James brings his comprehensive skillset to those he cares for, helping them to live independently within their own homes.

A Care Approach Rooted in Respect and Dignity

At the core of James’ approach is respect and dignity for the client. Whether assisting with bathing, dressing, meal preparation, medication administration, GP/Hospital appointments, housekeeping, laundry or personal care, James always practices empathy, patience, and respect. Notably, his care is centred around the client’s needs and their comfort is always his priority. No task is too big or too small if it contributes to the well-being of those in his care.

Range of Care Experience

James is a specialist in a variety of care areas, including dementia, learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, stroke, palliative care, and incontinence. His versatility makes him a fantastic choice for a variety of needs; it reflects his commitment to delivering high-quality personalised care, no matter the circumstances.

Life Beyond Care

When not caring for others, James enjoys music, football, and hitting the gym. He also relishes spending time with family, lending a glimpse into his warm, caring personality.

Juliette K- Dedicated and Compassionate


Juliette K, another shining star in the home care galaxy, is a hardworking and compassionate provider. With five years of hands-on experience, Juliette thrives on caring for others and providing various forms of support.

Understanding Individual Care Needs

Juliette is well equipped to provide person-centred care, understanding that every client's needs are unique. She enjoys helping with personal care, medication, cooking, house chores and companionship. She is always attentive to her clients' pace, ensuring they never feel rushed or uncomfortable.

A Qualified Provider

As a qualified carer, Juliette always keeps her training up-to-date. This commitment to ongoing professional development ensures that she can provide the highest standard of care, keeping clients safe and secure in line with the latest guidelines and best practices.

Compassionate and Empathetic

Perhaps what sets Juliette apart the most is her ability to show deep empathy towards the people under her care. She goes above and beyond to ensure their comfort and always treats everyone with dignity and respect.

Mariana I – Committed To Making Lives Better


Mariana I brings a fresh and motivated approach to providing home care in Powys. As a young mother, Mariana's nurturing nature is at the heart of her caregiving.

Real-World Experience Across Different Settings

Mariana’s experience spans across various care settings, from care homes and hospitals to supported accommodation, live-in care, and hospice. This diverse background allows Mariana to adapt to different needs and conditions, offering world-class care that is sensitive and respectful.

A Broad Skillset

Whether it's engaging in conversation, assisting with daily routines, or providing toiletry and feeding assistance, Mariana brings positivity to every interaction with her clients. She maintains a vigilant eye on her clients' overall well-being and takes swift actions on the slightest signs of concern.

Going The Extra Mile

Above all, Mariana doesn't see caring as simply a job. She is always ready to go the extra mile for her clients, offering reassurance and companionship to those in her care. Even if it means sitting with them watching TV, Mariana is committed to being there.

Choosing home care in Powys can be a daunting task, but with PrimeCarers, you are assured of receiving the services of a carefully vetted professional. We verify that all our carers, including the ones mentioned above, have updated enhanced DBS certificates, are legal to work in the UK, and have aced a professional interview to ascertain their competence. They are dedicated to making sure the process is easy, secure, and results in the right support for every client.

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