Types of Home Care in Shropshire

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Types of Home Care in Shropshire

The types of home care in Shropshire offered by PrimeCarers include Hourly Care, Overnight Care, and Live-in Care, catering to a variety of needs from companionship to personal care to complex care.

Home Care in Shropshire
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Understanding Home Care In Shropshire

Home care entails a wide range of in-home services provided by professional caregivers to individuals who require assistance due to age, illness, disability, or recovery from surgery. PrimeCarers goes the extra mile in ensuring its services are flexible and can adapt to a spectrum of individual needs.

Hourly Care

Hourly care is a versatile service that enables individuals to receive care in a flexible manner, any time throughout the day. This service is bespoke, tailored to the unique needs of every person. Involvement can span from a couple of hours a week up to many hours per day, with caregivers assisting in a variety of tasks such as cooking, cleaning, personal care, and medication administration.

Overnight Care

Unlike Hourly Care, Overnight Care is provided for individuals who need assistance during the night. This could involve helping the individual go to the toilet, reminding them to take medication, or being on hand to alleviate anxiety or discomfort due to health conditions such as dementia.

Live-in Care

For those requiring round-the-clock attention, live-in care provides a stable, continual presence within the individual's home. The caregiver lives with the person, offering consistent assistance and companionship while also providing ample security and peace of mind to loved ones.

Companionship Care

Companionship care provided by PrimeCarers can be a valuable service for individuals suffering from loneliness or those who simply enjoy the company of others. In addition to aiding with routine tasks, companionship care can include engaging in conversation, accompanying on outings, and participating in shared hobbies or interests.

How Home Care Services Cater To Your Needs

PrimeCarers strives to provide comprehensive assistance to a multitude of needs. The aim is to enable those in need to remain comfortable and independent in their homes for as long as possible.

Personal Care

Personal care is one of the many types of home care services provided and involves help with personal grooming and hygiene, such as bathing, dressing, and toilet assistance. It also includes support with mobility and transfers, feeding, and medication management.

Complex Care

PrimeCarers cater to those with advanced medical conditions and healthcare needs. They provide care for a wide range of conditions like dementia, Parkinson's, MS, and stroke recovery. This level of care may call for comprehensive medication, mobility, and personal care assistance.

Dementia Care

Caring for people with dementia can be challenging. PrimeCarers have professionals trained in managing the symptoms of dementia, including behavioural changes, memory loss, confusion, and mobility problems.

Parkinson’s care

Parkinson's disease is a complex condition affecting movement and cognitive functions. Parkinson's care typically revolves around making daily routines easier, managing symptoms, and ensuring medication is taken at the right time.

MS care

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects the central nervous system, leading to movement problems, pain, and fatigue. MS care could look different for every individual, and it may require a complex care plan that addresses each person’s symptoms and struggles.

Stroke Recovery Care

Recovering from a stroke can be a lengthy and stressful process. The process of Stroke recovery care focuses on helping the individual regain their independence and helping them manage their symptoms and adjust to their new normal.


PrimeCarers offers a variety of home care types, effectively servicing the Shropshire area with flexible and personalised care options to cater to individuals' unique needs. Learn more about finding the best type of care to suit your needs and assessing the cost of home care in Shropshire on PrimeCarers' website.

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