Best Home Carers in Tyne and Wear

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Best Home Carers in Tyne and Wear

To ensure the safety and proper care of our clients, it’s of utmost importance to PrimeCarers that the carers we recommend have undergone and passed a comprehensive vetting process. This rigorous selection process includes checks for an up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate, an ID check, the right to work in the UK, and a professional interview to ensure they have the credentials and expertise necessary to provide the best care possible.

In this feature, we are pleased to shine a spotlight on three exceptional carers who operate in Tyne and Weir.

Home Care in Tyne and Wear
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Mariana I: Experienced and committed

Mariana I

Mariana I Profile

Mariana I is a dedicated professional providing support across a wide range of care needs. Her experience spans from working in care homes, hospitals, supported accommodation, live-in care, hospices and mental health settings since 2019.

She has a firm belief that her duty is to make life a bit easier for those she aids, and she's happy knowing that her hard work directly enhances another person's wellbeing. Mariana is a young mother, constantly juggling the demands of work, studies, and providing care for her son and her dog, Shayla.

Mariana's comprehensive and encompassing skill set includes providing personal care, like assistance with toileting and feeding, while maintaining respect and sensitivity. Mariana uses careful observation and routine conversation to engage with her patients. Her dedication goes beyond work hours, as she's often willing to go the extra mile for her clients - even if it just means offering some company while watching TV.

Sonia I: A Passion for Care with Experience to Match

Sonia I

Sonia I Profile

Sonia is another one of our exceptional caregivers who has gained vast experience during her 11-year career in the care profession. She has worked with clients from various backgrounds and cultures, and has experience in dementia care, supporting adults and children with learning disabilities, and providing personal assistance to the elderly and their families.

Her clients often express their appreciation for her listening skills and commitment to making them feel more comfortable and listened to. Sonia also values the wisdom she gains from engaging with her clients and learning about their life experiences. It's these intimate and personal exchanges that she finds the most rewarding aspect of her profession.

Oluwatope A: A Friend in Need

Oluwatope A

Oluwatope A Profile

Oluwatope is a professional carer known for prioritising the dignity and security of her clients. She is proficient in multitasking and can effectively respond to critical situations. Oluwatope always strives to ensure the mental well-being of her clients by organising daily activities that encourage health and mental wellness.

Some of her previous roles include monitoring clients' conditions and implementing infection prevention practices. As an individual with a rich understanding of the care industry, Oluwatope brings caring support, an attentive ear, and comfort to those she assists.

Her dedication to offering her best at all times is crystal clear - she stands by her clients during their time of need.


PrimeCarers is your ideal platform to find carefully vetted, professional, and compassionate caregivers in Tyne and Wear. As this feature has shown, our carers bring a broad variety of experience, skills and personal attributes to their profession, reflecting not only our rigorous selection process but also our commitment to connect you with the best care providers in your area. For more information or assistance in finding the right carer for your specific needs, be sure to visit us.

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