Cost of Home Care in West Midlands

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Cost of Home Care in West Midlands

In the West Midlands, the average prices advertised for basic live-in care is £147.12 per day and hourly care is £17.04 per hour, according to PrimeCarers.

Home Care in West Midlands
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PrimeCarers Pricing Strategy

The unique business model of PrimeCarers empowers carers to set their own fees, since all carers are self-employed. This results in a range of prices and service availability depending on a carer's skill set and specialisations.

Average Cost

The average rates mentioned at the beginning of this article represent the average of all advertised rates by carers in the West Midlands region. We need to understand that these are averages, meaning that some carers may charge more or less than this price.

Influencing Factors

The final cost of a carer can be influenced by their particular skills or experience. Categories that can affect the carer's costing include aptitudes like having a driving license, owning a vehicle, having experience with specific medical conditions or devices like stomas or catheters, willingness to work with couples, and finally, special skills like cooking.

Cost of Live-in Care in West Midlands

Live-in care is a comprehensive form of home care wherein the carer resides within the same dwelling as the person receiving care. Cost of Live-in Care in West Midlands varies greatly from hourly care as there are several specific factors to take into account.

Average Cost

The average rate for live-in care in West Midlands is approximately £147.12 per day. This cost, however, can vary significantly based on the requirements of the person receiving care.

Variability due to Requirements

Since live-in carers spend a majority of their time within the home, their responsibilities can extend beyond typical care. If the carer is required to work additional hours, such as caring for a couple, their daily rates would be expected to increase. It is normal for a live-in carer to work an additional 2-4 hours per day when tasked with caring for a couple. Hence, can Live-in Carers Look After Couples? provides comprehensive information on this.

Hourly Home Care in West Midlands

Hourly home care provides a flexible and cost-effective solution for those in need of periodic assistance or for specific times of the day.

Average Cost

In the West Midlands, the average price for hourly home care is approximately £17.04 per hour, but this can vary based on carer expertise and extra skills.

Continuous Service

Unlike live-in care, hourly care involves the carer working during their assigned hours. The carer is essentially ‘on the clock’ during their appointed time with the individual.

Assurance from PrimeCarers

Even though all the carers are self-employed, PrimeCarers ensures stringent vetting. This includes thorough background checks via Enhanced DBS certificates, verification of ID and Right to Work, as well as personal interviews conducted by our professional team.


The cost of home care in the West Midlands will greatly depend on the kind and level of care your loved ones need. It’s crucial to remember that higher charges often symbolise carers who bring a wealth of experience or special skills to the table.- provides complete transparency about the skills and experience of the carers available, helping you to make informed choices for your family’s home care needs.

Remember, you’re investing in the health and wellbeing of your loved ones. Explore a wide range of care options in your local area here at Find Home Care in West Midlands. For additional information, consider reading the Complete Guide to Home Care on our website.

Home care services can offer you the peace of mind that your loved ones are cared for by professional, compassionate carers. So why wait? Take that step today and find the right home carer for your loved ones.

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