Funding Live-in Care in Ealing

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Funding Live-in Care in Ealing

Looking after ageing or ailing loved ones in their later years is crucial, yet the financial aspects can be daunting. If you're in Ealing, you may be trying to figure out how to fund live-in care. This article will break down the primary sources of home care funding, including council funding, NHS continuing healthcare, and private funding. Each of these comes with a set of procedures, and knowing your first steps can help you navigate them.

Live-in Care in Ealing
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Local Authority Funding

Local government funding can help fund live-in care significantly. How much funding you can access from the local council depends on your loved one's needs and your financial circumstances.

How Does Council Funding Work?

It begins with a care needs assessment conducted by Ealing Council. This assessment is designed to determine the care needs of your loved one, including assisting with eating, dressing, mobilising, and medication.

Once the council determines the need for care, a financial assessment or means-test is carried out. This is to assess the financial capability and assets of the individual needing care. Typically, if the assets are above £23,250, it's likely you will have to fund care yourself.

In some instances, even if you are eligible for financial aid, you may have a "personal budget." This is a sum of money allocated by the social services department, which can allow you to choose your care provider.

To read up on the Ealing local authority funding, you can visit their website.

What Are Your First Steps?

Firstly, contact Ealing Council to set up a care needs assessment. This step is essential even if you think you may not qualify for help financially. The assessment will let you know what types of care you need, which could be useful even if you're self-funding.

NHS Continuing Healthcare

Another option is the NHS continuing healthcare (CHC). This type of funding covers the full cost of care for individuals with a primary health need.

How Does NHS Continuing Healthcare Work?

A primary health need is not about a diagnosis; it's about the level of health care required by the individual. For example, if the care required is beyond what a local authority can provide, and is directly linked to health needs, you may qualify for NHS continuing healthcare.

NHS continuing healthcare is arranged and funded by the North West London integrated commissioning board (ICB). Remember, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) no longer exist and have been replaced by ICBs. These boards determine the patient's need for ongoing care.

You can find more details on NHS continuing healthcare on the North West London integrated commissioning board website.

What Are Your First Steps?

To start, you should request an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment for your loved one from your GP or social worker. Ealing falls under the North West London ICB, and they will carry out the assessment.

Private Funding

For many families, private funding is an option they consider for covering live-in care costs.

How Does Private Funding Work?

You can fund your loved one's live-in care with private funding if you've set aside money for elder care or if other personal funds are available to you. Things like pensions, savings, or rental income are typically used for private funding. While more expensive, self-funding allows for more control over the choice of care.

Read more about it in the complete guide to self-funding care.

What Are Your First Steps?

First, get an estimate of the cost for the live-in care required. Get in touch with local live-in care providers in Ealing for this. For information on costs for live-in care in Ealing, visit this page.

Your second step should involve a financial advisor specialising in care fees planning. They can guide on the best way to fund the care without depleting your resources quickly.

Finding Live-in Care in Ealing

Once you have the necessary funding figured out, finding good quality live-in care is your next step. For ease, you can refer to the best live-in carers in Ealing.

It is equally essential you fully understand what live-in care entails. For more details, browse through the complete guide to live-in care.


Funding live-in care in Ealing is multifaceted. While the financial implications can feel overwhelming, numerous sources can help ease the burden. Exploring options like local authority funding, NHS continuing healthcare, and private funding can help ensure your loved ones receive the care they need in their twilight years. Remember to take every step with care and seek advice from professionals whenever needed. And more than anything, strive to make decisions that offer the most comfort and best care for your loved ones.

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