Best Live-in Carers in Stockton-on-Tees

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Best Live-in Carers in Stockton-on-Tees

Choosing a live-in carer is a significant decision and requires careful consideration. It's essential to find someone with whom the care recipient can establish a strong rapport and trust, in addition to the requisite skills, experience, and qualifications. At PrimeCarers, we understand how important this decision is and diligently vet all our carers as part of our rigorous selection process. We ensure that they hold an up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate, a valid ID, and the correct documentation confirming their right to work in the UK. Additionally, we conduct professional interviews to ascertain their competence and suitability for the profession.

In this article, we will profile three standout live-in carers in Stockton-on-Tees, depicting their backgrounds, skillsets, experiences, and temperament.

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Sonia i - A Dedicated Carer with a Diverse Portfolio

Sonia I

Sonia has been a carer for 11 years, working with clients of diverse backgrounds and cultures. With extensive experience caring for people with dementia, learning disabilities, Alzheimer's, and mental health challenges, Sonia has demonstrated exceptional versatility in her profession.

Passionate about her work, Sonia finds joy in being able to improve someone's day. She cares deeply about client welfare and ensures each individual is not just physically cared for but also feels heard, respected, and validated. Sonia takes time to listen to her clients and values the wealth of wisdom and fascinating life experiences they share.

Sonia is skilled in a range of care needs, including managing catheter bags, assisting with medication, handling colostomy bags, and offering moving and handling support. Additionally, she can handle tasks such as personal shopping, meal preparation, cleaning and bathing, thereby ensuring her clients can maintain their day-to-day routine as much as possible.

Mariana I - A Versatile Young Carer with a Passion for Helping Others

Mariana I

Mariana is a young mother and committed carer who thrives on making her clients' lives easier. She has been a carer since 2019 and has experience working with children, young adults, the elderly, mental health patients, and those requiring hospice care.

Known for her easy-going personality, Mariana strives for tranquillity in her work environment. Her day-to-day life is spent between taking care of her young son, her pet dog Shayla, and her clients—proving her ability to multitask while maintaining an aura of peace.

Mariana takes pride in providing personal care with utmost respect and sensitivity, from assisting with toileting and feeding to exercising and bathing. Her diligence extends beyond physical care as she regularly converses with her patients to maintain their positive health and wellbeing.

Mariana's career path in care is still flourishing. She has achieved her level 2 in Health and Social Care and is currently planning to enroll in university to study general nursing further solidifying her commitment to this field.

Oluwatope A - A Multitalented Carer with an Optimistic Outlook

Oluwatope A

Oluwatope brings positivity, accuracy, and old-pro adaptability to her role as a professional carer. She can multitask effectively in challenging situations and always meets critical deadlines, traits that prove invaluable in her line of work.

Oluwatope focuses on delivering care that ensures her clients' health and mental wellbeing. She plans nutritious meals, organises daily activities, and most importantly, treats all clients with dignity and respect—not just as a carer, but also as a confidante.

Her previous roles have involved observing and documenting clients' conditions, implementing infection prevention practices, assisting in activities of daily living, and accompanying clients to medical appointments. Oluwatope's wide range of experience and skills make her a reliable choice for those seeking live-in care.


At PrimeCarers, we are dedicated to matching clients with carers who meet their specific needs, both in terms of practical skills and the right personality to create a good fit. No matter what your circumstances are, whether you need a single carer or a caring team for couples, we believe that you have a right to high-quality and personalised care.

Sonia, Mariana, and Oluwatope are just a few examples of the best live-in carers in Stockton-on-Tees. Their dedication to their profession, their range of experiences, and their drive to better the lives of those they care for makes them excellent choices for anyone requiring live-in care.

Choosing a carer can be an overwhelming process, but rest assured, with PrimeCarers, you are in safe and capable hands. For further information regarding live-in care, feel free to check out our Complete Guide to Live-in Care and our Complete Guide to the Cost of Live-in Care. Let us help you make an informed choice about your care requirements.

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