Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Aberdeenshire

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Aberdeenshire

The advantages of private care in Aberdeenshire are numerous, involving a more personal, affordable, and familiar approach to health and comfort, and PrimeCarers is a perfect intermediary to facilitate these benefits.

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The Benefits of Enlisting Private Healthcare

When it comes to healthcare, the personal touch can make all the difference. With private care, you'll receive attention from a consistently assigned carer, chosen by you to ensure you are comfortable with the person entering your home.

Familiarity and Peace of Mind

Having a unique carer guarantees a more personalised service, with the professional getting to know you and understanding your needs over time. Nothing beats the comfort of being in your own home, especially when health issues arise. The unease of a hospital stay is replaced with the familiar surroundings of your home, where most people feel at ease regardless of their condition.

Financial Considerability

Notably, private care is financially considerate. Live-in care incurs just a 12.5% fee, or a 15-20% fee for hourly attention. This cost-efficiency does not compromise the quality of care. Look up the cost of home care in Aberdeenshire to learn how this applies to your requirements.

Personalised Match

At PrimeCarers, we ensure a perfect match by evaluating over 80 factors. These could include your interests, habits or medical condition, thus allowing for a synergistic relationship between carer and client.

Catering to Couples

Private care extends to couples too. It offers the functionality of facilitating care for both your parents, with an average cost of £1,218/week, ideal for ensuring both receive appropriate attention. To learn more about how this works, follow this link -> Will Carers Look After Couples?

Exploring Aberdeenshire

Private carers can also enhance one's living experience locally. Living in Aberdeenshire means having a host of local attractions that your carer can take you to. The likes of Crathes Castle, with beautiful landscaped gardens, the expansive Cairngorms National Park, and the quaint fishing villages of the Moray Firth coastline provide a suitable backdrop for outings and exploration.

The Superiority of Private Care

When compared with conventional care agencies, private care stands out for numerous reasons.

Financial Perspective

Care agencies are notorious for their significant cut from the fees you pay. A 30-50% margin is often charged, a stark contrast to the aforementioned costs of private care. Choose private care for better value for your money.

Choice and Flexibility

Private care arms you with the freedom to choose your carer. In traditional agencies, this choice is severely restricted. Moreover, agency-based care can be inflexible, often unwilling to undertake activities that aren't explicitly stated in the care plan. A private carer will demonstrate more flexibility and willingness to cater for your unique needs.

Care Consistency

Consistency is a significant aspect of care provision. With agency-based care, you might experience carer swaps that occur as rotas change frequently, and the business' staff turnover can be high. This inconsistency can deter the development of a close relationship with your carer, hindering the quality of care. Private care, however, shields you from this predicament by ensuring you have the same carer attending to you for a more extended period.


Private care, as facilitated by PrimeCarers, can provide a significant improvement in one's living and health conditions. With a personalised approach, cost consideration, flexibility and a consistent relationship with your carer, the advantages of this service are worth exploring. You can find a Private Carer in Aberdeenshire from PrimeCarers to unlock these advantages and improve your healthcare experience.

Whether you are considering care for yourself, your parents or a loved one, always remember that the provision of health care is not just about addressing medical needs. It's about providing a service that respects your dignity, privacy, and personal preferences, all of which are more easily achieved with the personal, attentive service of a private carer.

PrimeCarers connects you with these services, ensuring a higher quality of life with less hassle, stress, and discomfort. Consider the advantages of private care in Aberdeenshire today, and begin the journey towards better, personalised, and comfortable care.

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