Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Barking and Dagenham

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Barking and Dagenham

Private care in Barking and Dagenham offers numerous advantages over agency care, including consistency, cost-effectiveness, comfort, a perfect match, suitability for couples, and inclusive activities in local attractions.

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Understanding the Advantages of Private Care

Private care boasts a wealth of benefits that make it an ideal choice for those seeking personalised and efficient care services. Below, we delve into the specifics of the advantages offered by PrimeCarers, providing a detailed insight into why private care trumps agency care on many fronts.

Consistent Carer

Having a consistent carer is worth its weight in gold, especially in fostering a sense of familiarity and comfort. With a committed carer, there's no need to worry about unfamiliar faces or hastily changed plans. You always have the final say on who comes into your home, ensuring utmost control and a sense of security on your part. This consistency breeds predictability, allowing for the creation of effective schedules and well-established routines, enhancing the quality of service provided.

Affordable Care

With PrimeCarers’ private care services, there are no hidden costs or surprises. The platform charges a 12.5% fee for live-in care and a 15-20% fee for hourly care, which is a significant reduction compared to the 30-50% typically charged by care agencies. Thus, private care in Barking and Dagenham becomes an affordable proposition that delivers top-quality service. Further insights into the Cost of Home Care in Barking and Dagenham is available on the PrimeCarers' website.

Comfort of Home

One significant advantage of private care is the luxury of staying in the comfort of your own home. Familiar surroundings often have a therapeutic effect on individuals, enhancing their psychological wellbeing. The familiarity also encourages independence where possible, making private care a preferable alternative to residential care where individuals might feel uprooted from their communities.

Perfect Match

PrimeCarers ensures that you’re matched to a carer based on over 80 factors beyond the mere fulfilment of care needs. These include shared interests, lifestyle preferences, compatibility, and more to ensure a harmonious care relationship. This methodology enables a tailor-made, personalised approach to care that surpasses the one-size-fits-all approach that care agencies might adopt. To know more, you can look at the Complete Guide to Private Carers on PrimeCarers' website.

Ideal for Couples

Private care is also perfect for couples who want to stay together but need assistance. Supporting both parents at home averages £1,218/week. This way, they can stay together in the comfort of their home without having to be apart. More information on this is available in PrimeCarers' article titled Will Carers Look After Couples?

Local Attractions

Another huge perk of private care is its emphasis on maintaining a balanced lifestyle, which includes local activities for those who are able to participate. Care professionals in Barking and Dagenham can take you to local attractions like the Barking Riverside, the Broadway Theatre, or the Eastbury Manor House. This way, recipients of care can continue enjoying their hobbies and interests, promoting their holistic wellbeing.

Private Care vs Agency Care

In direct comparison, private care trumps agency care for a multitude of reasons which extend beyond the advantages we have already explored.

Value for Money

While agencies can sometimes take an astonishing 30-50% cut of the care fee, PrimeCarers only charges 12.5-20%, depending on the type of care. This makes private care a much more cost-effective solution, providing value for money without compromising on care quality.

Choice of Carers

Agency-based care often restricts choice in selecting carers, whereas private care services like those provided by PrimeCarers ensure that the power remains in your hands. With a wider pool of carers, options are abundant, guaranteeing that you’ll find a carer that suits your needs and wants. Here's where you can Find a Private Carer in Barking and Dagenham.


While agency care can sometimes be overly structured with carers unwilling to do any activity not explicitly stated on the care plan, private care offers much more flexibility. Private carers understand that needs vary from person to person and can change from day to day, making them more adaptable to your requirements.

Stability of Care

In agencies, carer rosters often change frequently, leading to an inconsistent care experience. In contrast, private care provides stability, enabling strong relationships to form between carers and clients. High turnover of staff, a common issue in care agencies, isn't a concern with private care where individual commitment tends to be higher.

Quality of Life

By offering care that’s affordable, personalised, home-based, and flexible, private care enhances the living standards of its recipients, improving their quality of life. By offering the support of a consistent and caring professional in the familiar surroundings of one’s own home, PrimeCarers’ private care, such as Live-in Care in Barking and Dagenham, amplifies the independence and lifestyle of its clients.

In conclusion, private care offers unmatched benefits, empowering you to receive optimal care tailored to your preferences. It is a choice that foregrounds individual autonomy, freedom, and active participation in one’s care management, reminding us that receiving care is about staying in control of one's life and not forfeiting it. With PrimeCarers by your side, embarking on the journey of private care in Barking and Dagenham becomes an accessible, thoughtful and comforting process that promotes wellbeing, quality of life and ultimately, joy.

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