Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Bedfordshire

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Bedfordshire

Through private care, individuals in Bedfordshire can experience consistency, affordability, a perfect match, and the comfort of home while also participating in cultural and recreational local outings, demonstrating a model superior to agency care.

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Attention to Personal Preferences: The Private Care Advantage

The issue of care provision for loved ones, particularly the elderly, is an essential concern for many people. The private care model, as offered by PrimeCarers, acknowledges this concern by ensuring clients are matched with the best carer, emphasising personalised, quality care.

Consistency with a Personal Touch

The foremost benefit of private care lies in the consistent carer. The relationship between an individual in need of care and their carer is a deeply personal one. Hence, it becomes crucial that the carer is someone the individual can trust and feel comfortable around.

In private care, clients are given the final say in choosing their carers. This direct involvement means that the person receiving care can form a comfortable and understanding relationship with the person providing that care. This principle of consistency is an integral part of the private care philosophy, ensuring clients always receive care from familiar faces.

Affordable Quality Care

The cost of care is often a significant factor when deciding between different models of care. Private care is a competitively affordable option, with only a 12.5% fee for live-in care and a 15-20% fee for hourly care. This is a stark contrast to the traditional agency model, where agencies take a sizable 30-50% cut of the fee.

Comfort of Your Own Home

Being able to receive care in one's home provides the ultimate level of comfort. PrimeCarers enables clients to stay in their familiar surroundings while receiving the quality care they need.

Finding the Perfect Match

In determining a quality care, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it. PrimeCarers Find a Private Carer in Bedfordshire service recognises this and prides itself on its customisable approach, matching on over 80 factors to connect clients with the perfect carer.

Looking After Couples: An Economical Solution

Private care isn’t limited to individuals. For couples in need of care, private care offers a comprehensive, affordable service. PrimeCarers provides support for both your parents at home for an average of £1,218 per week. More details can be found on Will Carers Look After Couples?.

Exploring Bedfordshire's Local Attractions

Staying active and engaged is equally important for individuals receiving care as it is for everyone else. Private carers can take clients out to local attractions around Bedfordshire. This region brims with attractions popular with the elderly or disabled. The Swiss Garden in Shuttleworth offers serene, wheelchair-accessible paths for leisurely walks. The Jordans Mill's easy, flat walks are perfect for the elderly.

Comparing with Agency Care: The Superior Choice

Private care model stands tall among other care options. But why? Let's dive deeper.

Cut of the Agency Fee

Agencies generally take a substantial cut of the fee you pay, which can be in the range of 30-50% of the care cost. This significant fee doesn't necessarily translate to better or personalised care. In contrast, private care fees are substantially lower without compromising the quality of care.

Choice of Carers

In an agency setup, clients often have limited say over who gets assigned to them. This is simply because agencies need to manage and allocate their total resources. Unfortunately, this restricts client choice significantly, with the consequent risk for misfit or unstable carer-client relationships. With PrimeCarers' private care model, clients' have freedom and final say in choosing their carers.

Overly Structured and Rigid Care Plans

Agency care can be a little too structured. Care plans usually tend to be rigid, providing little scope for changes or considerations of personal preferences. Plus, the carers might be unwilling to perform any activity not included in the care plan.

High Staff Turnover Rate

Lastly, the staff turnover rate can be high in agencies. This often affects the client who may have just become comfortable with their carer only to find out they have left the agency. Such disruptions can be unsettling, especially for elderly clients.


In the realm of care provision, quality, consistency, and personalised approach matters. Private care, such as that provided by PrimeCarers, incorporates these elements by making care a deeply personal and individual experience.

By choosing private care in Bedfordshire, you can enjoy the comfort of familiar surroundings, receive care from a person you are comfortable with, and yet invest much less than you would have done in the traditional agency care model. Furthermore, care becomes more than just a service but an opportunity to get out, explore local attractions and engage in the community.

PrimeCarers offers this level of quality care in Bedfordshire. You can Find Live-in Care in Bedfordshire or learn more about the Cost of Home Care in Bedfordshire in our resources. For a wealth of information on private care, visit our comprehensive Guide to Private Carers.

Choose PrimeCarers for your care needs and unlock the advantages of private care in Bedfordshire.

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