Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Coleraine

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Coleraine

Unlocking the advantages of private care in Coleraine translates into ensuring excellent care, consistent relationships, financial savings and overall improved quality of life, especially with PrimeCarers.

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Consistent Carer

The prospect of having a stranger in your home may seem daunting but ensuring the care is provided by a consistent carer, someone with whom a relationship can be established, quickly dissipates any fears. This is one of the main advantages of private care through PrimeCarers: you choose the carer.

Private caring allows you to cherry-pick the perfect carer based on your personal needs, interests and preferences. This means that the person who enters your home to provide care isn't just a capable professional, but also someone with who you can strike a chord. Having a consistent carer also implies having a familiar face around, someone who understands your routine, preferences, and values your comfort above anything else.

Furthermore, PrimeCarers takes it a step further by offering you the final decision on the carer. You are not bound to stick with the first carer you hire. If you feel the connection isn't as desired, you have absolute freedom to switch until you find your perfect match.

Affordable Care

Private care may be misconstrued as expensive but in reality, it's quite affordable than most other alternatives. PrimeCarers offers a very competitive pricing model as compared to agency care.

The fee percentage is just 12.5% for live-in care, increasing to only 15-20% for hourly care. This is a vast saving when compared to agency care that typically slice off a hefty 30-50% of the fee. Not only does this make private caring a more pocket-friendly option, but it also renders more value for money as the quality of care and individual attention is unparalleled.

Comfortable in Your Own Home

Your comfort is a priority in private care. It's about receiving personalised care in the familiar environment of your own home. Remaining in the comfy, known confines of your four walls rather than moving into a residential care home can make a world of difference. It offers a sense of continuity and reduces the impact of significant life changes being experienced.

This also allows you to maintain your cherished independence and usual daily routine. From reading your favourite newspaper in the early hours to indulging in cucumber sandwiches for lunch, private care ensures everything stays just as you like it, only with additional support when needed.

A Perfect Match

With PrimeCarers you are not just assuring care; you are ensuring a friend, a companion who would simplify your life while keeping your preferences at heart. PrimeCarers matches you with a carer based on over 80 factors, ensuring a fitting match that understands and caters to your needs.

This comprehensive matching system carefully considers compatibility in various areas including, language, interests, professionally required skills, and many more. The result is a carefully matched carer primed to offer the most personalised care possible. This meticulous process takes away the stress and time of finding the perfect carer in Coleraine.

Tailored for Couples

Private caring is a perfect solution for couples. Often, the health needs of couples differ significantly, which might lead to them being separated in a care home to ensure their individual care needs are met. This potential emotional distress can be avoided with private care.

PrimeCarers offers a solution where both partners can be cared for in the same surroundings, in the comfort of their home. On average, support for both parents at home is priced at £1,218 per week, providing a reasonable and cost-effective solution.

Carers are equipped to manage various health needs, ensuring every need of each partner is met without compromising on quality or individual attention. This guide will explain more about couple-care.

Exploring Local Attractions

One of the most delightful aspects of PrimeCarers is that carers do not restrict themselves to just home-based care. They believe in promoting an engaging and fulfilling lifestyle for their clients. Carers can accompany you to soak in local attractions around Coleraine, keeping you socially active and connected.

Whether it is a peaceful afternoon at the lovely Mountsandel Wood or a day at the Riverside Theatre for art lovers, carers can accompany and assist you in these outings. A visit to Anderson Park or perhaps some shopping in the Diamond Centre can be made possible and enjoyable with the supportive company of a private carer.

Superior to Agency Care

While agency care may seem a traditional choice for many, the advantages of private caring make it hard to overlook. One key area where private care shines is in maintaining a standard of personalised care, often missed in agency care due to their rigid structures and minimised client-influence over procedures.

Choosing carers, for example, tends to get challenging with agency care. Limited choice, along with a high staff turnover rate at agencies, might cause repeated changes leading to inconsistent care.

Private care, especially with PrimeCarers, promotes the liberty to choose from a comprehensive database of thoroughly vetted carers who are passionate about their job. Furthermore, the choice remains with the client throughout the care period, ensuring total satisfaction and peace of mind.

Besides, agency care, with its overly structured approach, often restricts flexibility. Carers are expected to adhere firmly to their care plan, making them resistant to perform any task not explicitly stated.

PrimeCarers emphasises flexibility, understanding that a client's needs can evolve over time and it's crucial for any care plan to adapt. This ensures every need is met without having to navigate through the rigidity of a pre-set care plan.

Explore More

If this has intrigued you about the facets of private care and the advantages it can bring to your life in Coleraine,and you’d like to delve into greater depth about private carers, you can do so here.

If you want to take a closer look at the cost of home care in Coleraine, this guide will provide you more details. For an in-depth understanding of private care, you can refer to this complete guide.


Unlocking the advantages of private care essentially becomes about unlocking an enhanced lifestyle. Whether it's consistency, comfort, affordability, a perfect match, or a boon for couples, private care offers several benefits over agency care. By choosing PrimeCarers, you are choosing not just care, but a lifetime of benefits moulded exclusively for you.

Remember, it's not just about adding years to life, but life to years. And that is precisely what private care aims to do. If you're in Coleraine, it's time to explore the realm of private care with PrimeCarers, lifting the standards of your life in the comfort of your own home.

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