Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Derry

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Derry

Appointing personal care in Derry can provide numerous benefits for individuals and families, particularly through private care associations such as PrimeCarers.

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Advantages of Private Care

Consistency in Care

Providing consistent care to your loved ones is a significant advantage of choosing a private carer. By choosing a private carer from PrimeCarers, you have control over who comes into your home.

This decision can be vital for creating a sense of familiarity and routine in a care routine; factors that can greatly influence a person's well-being, particularly if they have dementia or Alzheimer's. PrimeCarers allows you to keep the same carer for as long as you want, ensuring a trusting relationship forms which can lead to better care.


The cost of private care with PrimeCarers is extremely reasonable. With a 12.5% fee for live-in care and a 15-20% charge for hourly care, you'll find that it optimises your budget expenditure, maximising the care your loved ones receive.

You can get more details about the cost of home care in Derry at PrimeCarers and see how affordable and efficient your care plan can become.

Comfort of Home

Choosing private care, particularly if the care happens in the comfort of the person's home, can have an incredible impact on their well-being. Their usual surroundings, familiar objects, and comfort of routine can have a significant positive effect on a person in need of care.

The Perfect Match

PrimeCarers prides itself on making the perfect match. Using over 80 different factors, they render an excellent match between the carer and the person in need, ensuring optimal comfort, understanding, and respect.

Care for Couples

Caring for two parents at the same time could not be easier and more efficient with PrimeCarers, as they provide excellent care options for couples. On average, you can support both your parents at home for £1,218/week.

Beyond the practicality, there's the reassurance of knowing that both parents, who've likely shared a home for decades, can stay together in their familiar surroundings.

Local Attractions as Part of Care

One perk of choosing a private carer in Derry is the opportunity to integrate care with the exploration or enjoyment of local attractions. Derry, being an appealing city rich in Georgian architecture and home to Guildhall, is perfect for spending peaceful outdoor moments with a carer.

Attractions such as the Tower Museum with its panoramic views, or a simple stroll along the picturesque Foyleside Shopping Centre, are easy outings that brighten the day of anyone receiving care.

Superiority of Private Care over Agency Care


On comparison, the fees of private care are significantly more affordable than the typical agency care offering. Agencies may typically take a 30-50% cut of the price you pay. The savings by choosing a prime private carer simply makes financial sense.

Choice of Care

When it comes to agencies, the factor of personal choice may not always be available or flexible. They generally offer less choice of carers.

However, with private care, you take control. You get to choose exactly who comes into your home. You can have an active part in the selection of the carer, relying on PrimeCarers to assist in this selection, ensuring the perfect match.

Flexibility in Care

Agency care tends to be very structured, which can seem rigid and impersonal. Moreover, their carers are usually unwilling to deviate from any activity not explicitly stated in the care plan. This environment could create a stressful situation for those being cared for because they lack personal freedom.

Alternatively, private care offering like those from PrimeCarers are more relaxed and willing to adjust the care plans toward the needs and preferences of the person in need of care.

Consistency in Care

Another downside to agency care is that they frequently switch carers. This rotation is due to the care agency's high staff turnover. Such inconsistencies can cause disruption and distress.

On the other hand, with a PrimeCarer, you can maintain a stable care environment. The familiar faces help establish rapport and build a trusting relationship, vital factors in sustaining a robust mental and emotional wellbeing.

Appointing private care in Derry with PrimeCarers offers an incomparable care experience that is personal, practical, and affordable. Choosing a private carer from PrimeCarers in Derry ensures that your loved ones receive consistent care from a carer of your choice, in the comfort of their own home, while providing the advantage of savings and flexibility over traditional agency care. It’s essentially the best of both worlds; professional, compassionate care in a familiar environment.

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