Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in East Dunbartonshire

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in East Dunbartonshire

Private care in East Dunbartonshire, offered by PrimeCarers, promises a preferable alternative to agency care, by providing consistency, affordability, and particularly, the comfort of staying in the familiar environment of your own home.

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Advantages of Private Care

Private care comes with numerous benefits that make it a favourable choice for individuals who find themselves in need of daily living support, especially for an ageing population.

Consistency in Care

One of the significant advantages that private care through PrimeCarers offers is the guarantee of consistency with the carer. A crucial aspect of care provision is establishing trust and rapport between the care receiver and the caregiver. Having a consistent carer not only promotes a better understanding of the service user's needs but also enhances the chance to build a personal relationship. However, in the case of PrimeCarers, the advantage of a consistent carer is taken one step further. You have the power to choose your carer, and you have the final say on whom you invite into your home.


PrimeCarers have structured their services in the most cost-effective and transparent way possible. Unlike conventional agency care, where agencies take a 30-50% cut of the fee you pay, PrimeCarers charge a standard 12.5% fee for live-in care and between 15-20% for hourly care. They prioritise affordability for the users without compromising the quality of care provided.

Comfort of Your Own Home

PrimeCarers upholds the idea that the comfort of familiar surroundings can facilitate faster recovery and better well-being. Hence, they provide private care at the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to adjust to a new environment, often a significant concern in an elderly- or disability-care setting.

Perfect Match

Finding the right carer isn’t just about skill sets and qualifications, but also the compatibility and comfort between the carer and the person receiving care. PrimeCarers match you with a carer based on over 80 factors, ensuring that not only the medical and day-to-day care needs are met, but also the social and emotional aspects of well-being are sufficiently addressed.

Ideal for Couples

Private home care is an excellent solution for couples who need support. Instead of being separated into different care environments, the couples can stay together at their own home. PrimeCarers ensure that both parties receive adequate care tailored to their individual needs, costing on average £1,218 per week. Will Carers Look After Couples?

East Dunbartonshire: At Home and Beyond

Through PrimeCarers, hiring a private carer doesn’t only provide care within the boundaries of your home. Your chosen carer can accompany you to several local attractions located in East Dunbartonshire, whether it’s for relaxation or running errands.

Local Attractions

East Dunbartonshire offers a multitude of relaxing spaces suitable for the elderly or people with disabilities. These places include the Mugdock Country Park and the serene Glazert Water. If you enjoy history, you could explore the Auld Kirk Museum or the Campsie Fells. With private care, these attractions are easily accessible with the help of your carer.

Private Care Vs. Agency Care

Private care offers several advantages over agency care.

Reduced Fees

While agencies generally take a substantial cut of the fee you pay, PrimeCarers charge an affordable and clearly delineated fee, providing more transparency.

More Choice

Agencies often confine the choice of carers, leading to dissatisfaction and less personalised care. However, with PrimeCarers, you have the freedom to choose the carer that suits your requirements and preferences best.

Flexibility in Care

Agency carers usually adhere strictly to the listed tasks, often shying away from extending their services beyond the care plan. With private care, there's room for ad hoc requests and more flexible assistance.

No Rotation of Carers

Swapping carers due to rotational shifts is a common practice in agencies, disrupting the continuity of care and personal connection building. In contrast, private care through PrimeCarers ensures the constancy of carer.

The Complete Guide to Private Carers details further on how PrimeCarers is revolutionising the private home care sector in the UK.

Private care is a promising option for those in East Dunbartonshire looking for an affordable and personalised caregiving solution. With PrimeCarers, you can seamlessly navigate the process, right from selecting your carer to managing Live-in Care or understanding the Cost of Home Care in East Dunbartonshire. Private care not only bestows the advantages of personalised aid but also emphasises emotional well-being, allowing individuals to maintain control over their lifestyle, with the support and companionship they need.

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