Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in East Sussex

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in East Sussex

Unlocking the advantages of private care in East Sussex with PrimeCarers allows individuals to enjoy consistent, affordable care in the comfort of their own home, while benefiting from a service that is tailor-made to their specific needs.

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The Plethora of Advantages To Private Care

Consistent Carer

One of the most important aspects of care is consistency. This not only builds trust between the carer and the client but also fosters a deeper understanding of the client's needs over time. A consistent carer has a profound appreciation for the minute changes in the client’s health condition and can respond reactively. With PrimeCarers, you have full liberty to pick your own private carer. This subsequently comes with the assurance that you will always have the final say on who comes into your home.


Cost plays a significant role while deciding on a care package. What sets PrimeCarers apart is the affordability that it offers its clients. When you choose live-in care, it levies only a 12.5% fee, providing an economical solution compared to many standardised services available. Similarly, for hourly care, the fee stands at 15-20%, making it much easier for the client to budget for the cost of care.

Comfortable in Your Own Home

Another significant advantage of private care is that it allows you to receive care in a familiar environment. This eliminates the stress and anxiety associated with moving to a care home. Home is where we feel secure and comfortable. Maintaining this normalcy carries considerable merit in fostering a sense of well-being.

Perfect Match

At PrimeCarers, we understand the importance of compatibility between the carer and the client. The service prides itself on its ability to match its clients with a carer based on over 80 factors, cultivating a personalised and ideally suited caring experience.

Perfect for Couples

PrimeCarers also provides an excellent solution for couples. If you have both parents requiring attention, it's feasible for them to receive care from the same carer at home. This ensures consistency and allows them to stay together. With a weekly average of £1,218, this care can be delivered with the utmost efficiency. You can learn more about the intricacies of couple care here.

Explore East Sussex

Finally, beyond the primary care responsibilities, private carers are also there to assist in enhancing the quality of life. They can even accompany you to local attractions around East Sussex, such as the regal Hever Castle, the historically rich Battle Abbey, or the peaceful Eastbourne Beach.

Comparing Private and Agency Care

Financial Consideration

The agency care model usually takes a much higher cut of 30-50% of the fee that you pay, making it a less cost-effective option compared to private care.

Limited Choice

With agencies, you may also find that you have less choice of carer. This limits the chance of finding a perfect match, as agencies are often more regimented in their selection process based on the availability of carers.

Structured Care Plans

Agency-provided care can often be excessively structured, with carers unwilling to perform tasks or activities not explicitly stated in the care plan. This can place limitations on the quality of life enhancements that can come with private care, such as trips to local attractions.

Care Continuity

Agencies often change carers as per their rotation schedule or due to staff turnover, which can be quite high. This means you may face the uncertainty of a new care provider regularly entering your home, starkly in contrast to the consistency provided by private care.


The concept of private care has long been misunderstood, with people often wrestling with the question of affordability and quality of care. Hopefully, now, you have clarity over the multitude of advantages that come with private care, particularly the service offered by PrimeCarers.

From the selection of a consistent carer of your choice, the affordability, the familiar setting of home, the precision of match-making, the flexibility for couples, to exploring East Sussex's lush locales, private care is desirable and achievable.

Not only is it a better alternative to agency care, but it is also a service that upholds the dignity, autonomy, and individual preferences of clients. To explore this possibility and unlock the advantages of private care in East Sussex, click here.

With PrimeCarers, remember, you are not just receiving care – you are engaging in a process wherein the service is carefully tailored to your needs, because you matter.

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