Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Hackney

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Hackney

Though often overlooked, private care services in Hackney offer various advantages such as consistent care, affordability, comfort at home, perfect matching based on factors, and so much more, making it the superior choice compared to agency care.

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Understanding the Advantages of Private Care

A Consistent Carer

One of the most significant advantages of private care is the consistency it affords. With PrimeCarers, you pick the carer you want and, most importantly, always have the final say on who gets to enter your home. This level of continuity offers stability and builds meaningful relationships between carers and clients, promoting better mental and emotional health.


Private care offers an economic advantage over traditional agency care. For instance, PrimeCarers charges a 12.5% fee for live-in care and 15-20% fee for hourly care, significantly less when compared to the hefty 30-50% cut often associated with agencies. For an extensive rundown of the costs associated with home care in Hackney, feel free to check out this guide.

Comfort at Home

The comfort of receiving care from the familiar surroundings of your own home is incomparable. The ability to remain close to personal belongings and memories provides a level of comfort that alternative care options cannot match.

Perfect Match

PrimeCarers matches on over 80 factors, ensuring that the carer's skills, interests, and personalities align with the client's needs and preferences. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a perfect match, leading to improved care outcomes.

Ideal for Couples

Private care is an excellent solution for elderly couples, as it can provide support to both parties at home. An affordable price of £1,218 per week for couples, on average, is a significantly lower cost than residential care facilities. To delve a bit deeper on carer provisions for couples, have a look this guide.

Visiting Local Attractions

One unique advantage of choosing a private carer in Hackney is the opportunity to visit local attractions. Carers can accompany clients to several popular local attractions like the Hackney Museum, St. Augustine’s Tower, or the gorgeous Springfield Park—positively affecting the mental and physical wellbeing of their clients.

Comparing Private Care to Agency Care

Let's further discuss how private care through PrimeCarers outshines traditional agency care services.

High Agency Fees

As mentioned before, agencies usually take a large cut of the fee you pay. With fees typically ranging from 30% to 50%, you end up paying much more for agency care without necessarily receiving any additional benefits.

Restricted Choice of Carers

You often have less say in choosing the carer when dealing with agencies. This lack of choice can lead to inconsistency in care provision and an impersonal service. On the contrary, PrimeCarers strongly believes in client-cater fit and therefore, lets you choose your carer based on your own specific needs.

Inflexible care plans

Agency care can be overly structured with carers unwilling to deviate from the stated care plan. On the other hand, with private care, you have the freedom to tailor the care plan according to your evolving needs and preferences.

High Turnover of Carers

With agency care, there’s a high chance of carers being constantly switched out as rotas frequently change and staff turnover can be high. This can create a sense of insecurity and discomfort for individuals receiving care. This is yet another problem that is perfectly addressed through the consistent private care provided in Hackney.

Wrapping Up

Private care, particularly in Hackney, has clear advantages over traditional agency care. Conservative prices, consistency, comfort, and compatibility are just a few of the many benefits it offers. While agencies often struggle with high staff turnovers, inflexible care plans, and hefty fees, providers like PrimeCarers make sure they put client comfort and preferences at the forefront.

Whether you are seeking live-in care, considering hiring private carers, or just want to explore care options, this exclusive service ensures your requirements are met and expectations exceeded. Step away from the traditional approaches and unlock the true benefits and distinct advantages of private care in Hackney.

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