Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Harrow

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Harrow

Unlocking the advantages of private care in Harrow means consistent, affordable care in the comfort of your own home, tailor-matched to individual needs, inclusive of couples and provided by a carer who can also accompany you to local attractions, a level of individual attention that is superior to agency care.

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The Advantages of Private Care

Consistency of Personalised Care

At the heart of all care services is the individual who requires care, and in the case of PrimeCarers, this focus on the individual extends to having a consistent carer. This means no repeated introductions to new carers or explaining your requirements over and over again. You select your carer, they get to understand your health needs, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your routine. This personal touch allows for continuity of care, leading to better care outcomes and a more harmonious relationship.

Affordable Care Solution

Private care via PrimeCarers is designed to be affordable, with competitive rates compared to traditional care agencies. There's a lot to consider when choosing a care option, and one of the main concerns for many people is cost. The cost of home care in Harrow is manageable with PrimeCarers. For live-in care, there is a 12.5% fee, and for hourly care, the fee ranges from 15-20%. This sensible pricing structure is one key way PrimeCarers aims to make private care a realistic and feasible solution for all.

Comfort of Home

Private care, particularly live-in care, permits individuals to remain in the familiar surroundings of their own home. This is often highly beneficial, as the familiar home environment can have a soothing effect, aiding recovery and general wellbeing. The comfort of one's own home is also especially helpful for those with dementia who may struggle to adjust to novel environments. With live-in care in Harrow, it is possible to receive the highest standard of care without moving to a care home.

A Match Made with Precision

Compatibility between the care recipient and the carer is paramount for successful care. PrimeCarers prides itself on its matching process. Considering over 80 factors, PrimeCarers goes beyond just at matching based on care requirements. Factors such as interests, personality traits, and values are taken into account to ensure the best fit, creating a more harmonious care relationship.

An Ideal Care Solution for Couples

Private care can be a perfect solution for couples with varying individual care needs who want to stay together in their own home. On average, the cost of a carer who will support both parents at home is £1,218 per week. Considering the costs associated with elderly care homes for couples, opting for private care for couples at home can be a more affordable and highly personalised option.

Inclusion of Activities and Outings in Harrow

Part of the beauty and advantage of private care includes the capacity and flexibility to include activities beyond just basic care. Carers can arrange and support outings at local attractions, enhancing mental stimulation, wellbeing and the overall quality of life. Whether it means a simple stroll in Harrow Recreation Ground, a visit to Harrow Museum, or volunteering opportunities at Headstone Manor & Museum, private care takes into account physical and social activity and integration.

Comparing Private Care and Agency Care

Financial Transparency

Unlike many agency care services that often take between 30-50% cut of the fee, with private home care the financial breakdown is clear. You pay for solely the necessary care services, making it a cost-effective solution over time.


Agency care can be overly structured, with carers restricted to specific tasks listed on care plans. Private care offers more flexibility, allowing for adjustments based on changing needs and circumstances, thus providing a more comprehensive form of care.

Reduced Staff Turnover

Agencies tend to have higher staff turnover, which often results in a change of carers for clients. With private care, where you choose from a pool of private carers in Harrow, the choice remains yours and you maintain the stability of a consistent carer.

In conclusion, if you are exploring care options, private care provides many clear advantages. Matched on a range of factors, providing consistent, affordable care in the comfort and stability of your own home, PrimeCarers ensures that care does not have to mean sacrificing your independence or your lifestyle. The benefits are plentiful, encompassing the care recipient's wellbeing, lifestyle, and finances, making private care with PrimeCarers an excellent choice, whether for yourself or a loved one. Be sure to equip yourself with further essential information by referring to the complete guide to private carers.

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