Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Havering

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Havering

Private home care provided in Havering offers a wealth of significant advantages, making it an ideal solution over agency care and residential care homes. It's an affordable, comfortable, and personalised care service for anyone in need of assistance at home.

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The Benefits of Private Home Care

Private care covers a broad range of services performed by carers in the comfort of the patient's home. It can include personal care, such as bathing or dressing, cooking and housekeeping, through to managing medication and taking you or your loved one out to enjoy local attractions. Here's why an increasing number of people are leaning towards private home care.

A Consistent and Reliable Carer

With private home care, you have the final say on who comes into your home. You can pick the carer based on who you are most comfortable with. This consistency builds up trust and strengthens the relationship between the carer and care recipient over time, leading to a more personalised service.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Private care offered by PrimeCarers is markedly more affordable than care offered by traditional agencies. With live-in care costing 12.5% fee and hourly care costing a 15-20% fee, there are no hidden charges. Compare this to agencies, which take a 30-50% cut, and it's evident just how cost-effective private care is.

Comfort and Convenience in Your Own Home

Wellness goes beyond physical health. It's easier to recover or manage an illness in familiar surroundings and a nurturing environment. The comforts of your own home contribute significantly to general well-being, promoting a sense of security and supporting independence. Private care facilitates higher quality home living without the necessity to move to a care home.

The Perfect Match for Your Needs

PrimeCarers matches clients with carers based on over 80 factors, not just the physical or logistical needs, but also taking into account the personality of the carer, their hobbies, interests and background. For example, if you're an artist, they might pair you with a carer who shares a similar appreciation of creativity. This personal matching ensures a more harmonious relationship between the carer and the care recipient.

Ideal for Couples Who Need Care

Private care is a perfect solution for couples as it allows them to stay together in their own homes while receiving the care they need. Caring for both parents at home typically costs on average £1,218 per week, and you can find detailed information linked here.

Engaging with Havering's Local Attractions

Private care is not limited to housekeeping and medical assistance. Carers can also take you out to visit local attractions. Havering offers several venues popular with the elderly or disabled, including the calm tranquillity of Raphael Park, the historical Havering Museum, or cultural events at the Queen's Theatre.

The Perks of Private Care over Agency Care

While both agency care and private care focus on providing assistance to individuals who need it, private care is more personalised, cost-effective, and offers a better overall care experience.

Greater Freedom and Choice

While agencies may limit your choice of carer, private care gives you complete control over who takes care of you or your loved ones. This independence and freedom of choice promote a more comfortable and positive caregiving experience.

No Overbearing Structure

Agency care can be overly structured, where carers are reluctant to carry out activities not expressly specified in their care plan. On the contrary, private caregivers can adapt to the changing needs, being more flexible and providing holistic care.

Continuity of Care

Agency care tends to swap carers out frequently due to rota changes or staff turnover. This lack of consistency can lead to a disjointed care experience. In private care, the same caregiver often attends to the patient, fostering familiarity and trust.


Lastly, compared to agency care, private home care is more affordable. High agency fees often cover administrative and business overheads, whereas the fees for a private carer go directly towards the service you receive, resulting in significant savings.

Summing Up

Private home care offered by PrimeCarers in Havering brings exceptional advantages, paramount of which are personalised care, comfort, continuity, and cost-effectiveness. It guarantees a consistent carer, affordable fees, a comfortable care experience in your home, tailored matching, provisions for couples, and enjoyable outings to local attractions.

Switching to private care from agency care or residential homes ensures a better quality of life for those who need assistance. It promotes well-being in all aspects, significantly contributing to the health, happiness, independence, and active participation of care recipients in their community.

Find a private carer in Havering or look up the cost of home care in Havering now to explore the advantages of private home care.

As your loved ones continue to age, their needs may change, but their wish to remain home won't. Let them enjoy their golden years with a quality and affordable private care service, bridging the gap between independent living and support from loved ones. It's their home, their care, their choice.

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