Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Herefordshire

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Herefordshire

Private care in Herefordshire provides circumstantial benefits, affordability and personalised care, ensuring consistent, tailored, and high-quality at-home care experiences.

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Advantages of Private Care

Consistent Carer

In the world of personal care, consistency is key. Private care systems promote a level of familiarity, rapport, and understanding between the patient and the carer. PrimeCarers enables you to select your carer, giving you the final say in who enters your home and cares for your loved ones. Unlike care agencies, there's no rotational system, meaning that your chosen carer will be the one you see every day. This offers not only a sense of comfort and trust, but also ensures the carer can develop a deep understanding of the needs, interests, and habits of the patient.


Private care services often carry the stigma of being costly, but the reality is much different. With PrimeCarers, the fees for live-in care are 12.5% of the rate, a far cry from the high commissions of agency care. Hourly care, meanwhile, attracts a fee of only 15-20%. Read more about the cost of home care in Herefordshire here.

Comfort At Home

There is a sense of warmth and comfort in ageing at home amidst familiar surroundings. Private care enables individuals to live independently in the comfort and familiarity of their own home for as long as possible.

Personalised Care

At PrimeCarers, there is a sophisticated matching process that surpasses merely medical qualifications and delves into holistic, human-centred considerations. Personality matches, shared interests, and lifestyles are some of the over 80 factors taken into account to find the perfect carer. Learn more about how PrimeCarers find private carers in Herefordshire here.

Support for Couples

Caring for seniors who are couples is another unique feature of private care. The couple can continue living together in their home, with costs averaging £1,218 per week, fostering a sense of reassurance and companionship. You can read more about this here.

Social Engagement and Local Attractions

Private carers' responsibilities are not limited to personal care and daily tasks. They can additionally accompany patients to visit local attractions and engage in social activities, boosting their wellbeing and strengthening the social fabric of the local community. The picturesque Hereford Cathedral, the historic Berrington Hall or the tranquil Hampton Court Castle are all places accessible with the help of a private carer.

Comparing Private Care with Agency Care

Agency Cut

A significant proportion, about 30-50% of the fee paid to agencies usually goes into administrative costs, creating an inflated pricing for clients. Private care services operate on a model where lower fees are charged, providing cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality of care.

Choice of Carers

In agency care, the choice of carers is relatively limited and devoid of personal preferences. In contrast, private care services offer more flexibility and autonomy in picking your carer.

Overly Structured Plans

Agency carers are generally bound by stringent care plans and may be unwilling to perform activities outside the predefined scope. This lack of flexibility can lead to impersonal care and reduced client satisfaction. On the other hand, private care promotes customised and adaptable care, catering to the specific needs, preferences, and varying daily routines of individuals.

Staff Turnover

High staff turnover is a common issue with agencies. With rotating rosters and changing carers, establishing trust and maintaining consistency in care can be tricky.

Private care with PrimeCarers bypasses these concerns. You have control over both the choosing process and maintaining the continuity of care your loved ones receive, ensuring they receive the best care possible from professionals whose qualifications and personalities match their needs. See how PrimeCarers makes private care simple and effective in their complete guide to private carers here.

In conclusion, unlocking the advantages of private care in Herefordshire means healthy ageing in familiar surroundings, personalised care, social engagement, quality at-home care for couples, and lower costs compared to agency care. It allows for consistency, comfort, and control, making private care a winning choice for secure and happy ageing.

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