Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Kent

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Kent

Private care in Kent, particularly through PrimeCarers, offers numerous advantages including a consistent carer, affordability, comfort at your own home, a perfect match of carer to your needs, great for couples, and the ability to explore various local attractions.

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The Merits of Consistent Carers

Having a consistent carer brings a multitude of advantages. A regular carer, handpicked by the client from the PrimeCarers database, offers an element of familiarity and comfort. With an easily negotiable personal carer, you always get the final say on who comes into your home.

For anyone requiring care, the presence of a known and friendly face can provide a sense of security and peace, something particularly crucial to those living with dementia. Integrity is key in providing a caring solution that’s best fitted to the individual's needs. This route also fosters a nurturing understanding between the carer and the client, forging a unique bond that benefits both parties.

Affordable Care

The second advantage of private care emphasises on its affordability, as it only charges a 12.5% fee for live-in care and 15-20% fee for hourly care. As a comparison with care agencies that generally take a 30-50% cut of the fee you pay, the cost efficiency of private care is clear. When it comes to the finances, private care is indeed the way forward.

More details can be found in the Cost of Home Care in Kent guide which breaks down the fees comprehensively.

Comfort in Your Own Home

Opting for private care enables you to remain comfortable in your own surroundings, without the need to relocate to a care home or assisted living facility. Having care provided directly at home allows individuals to retain their sense of independence and control over their daily lives. It also ensures a continuity of structure that alleviates the disruption that can come with changes in living arrangements.

Perfect Match

Choosing private care also ensures a more precise match between the needs and requirements of the client and the specific skills and capabilities of the carer. Neural matching algorithms used by PrimeCarers take into account over 80 unique factors to ensure the highest level of compatibility. This reduces the risk of dissatisfaction and offers more tailored care outcomes. To get a better understanding, refer to the Complete Guide to Private Carers.

Ideal for Couples

Private care is not only beneficial for singles but is also ideally suited to couples, who can receive assistance together at home. PrimeCarers stands as a beacon of affordability, with the average cost of home care for two individuals being around £1,218 per week. Get further details from the Will Carers Look After Couples? guide.

Exploring Kent with PrimeCarers

Carers in Kent have the opportunity to take clients to a myriad of local attractions, particularly those popular with the elderly or disabled. This makes care more enjoyable and provides a much-needed break from the everyday.

From the stunning gardens at Hever Castle to the charming Howletts Wild Animal Park, Kent is abundant in beautiful locations to visit. For art enthusiasts, the Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate offers an interesting sightseeing spot. Other attractions include the Dover Castle, harboring a rich lineage of history, and Whitstable Beach for a serene, beautiful coastal view. More about these can be found at the "Find a Private Carer in Kent" page.

Private Care vs Agency Care

With agency care, your choice of carer can be limited. The structure of agency services can be overly rigid, and carers may be reluctant to carry out activities not explicitly stated in the care plan.

Agencies also suffer from frequent changes in their rotational plans, which can lead to different carers being assigned to clients. Not only can this be distressing for those requiring consistent care, but it also impacts the quality of care due to a lack of personalised service or understanding.

Contrastingly, PrimeCarers as a private carer ensures consistency, flexibility, and a better overall quality of care. With their lower fees, coupled with the client's ability to choose their own carer based on a thorough matching process, it's clear that private care is the superior option.

In conclusion, there is an array of advantages to private care in Kent. These advantages stem from the ability to secure a consistent carer, cost efficiency, the luxury of comfort in one's own surroundings, the proper matching of client's needs, benefits for couples, and exploring the attractive locales of Kent. This practical approach to care ensures not just physical wellbeing, but also respects and nourishes emotional and personal requirements, contributing to a life lived fully and joyfully. Through these advantages, private care continues to revolutionise the way we view and experience elder support services.

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