Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Leicestershire

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Leicestershire

Private care offers consistency, affordability, rapport-building opportunities with carers, and the comforting familiarity of one's own home.

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Why Choose Private Care?

Consistent Carer

In private care, consistency is king. Service users have the luxury of choice, always having the final say on who steps through their front door. This is a significant benefit not often found in agency-based services, where the pool of carers can feel like an ever-rotating carousel of new faces. PrimeCarers ensures client autonomy in carer selection, fostering a stable rapport between carer and client, and providing comfort and reassurance.

Affordable Care

In comparison to agency alternatives, the affordability of private care is another indisputable advantage. Live-in care at PrimeCarers is priced at a 12.5% fee, while hourly care rates range between a reasonable 15-20%. As compared to agencies, where charges can loom at a staggering 30-50% cut, private care in Leicestershire affords a more budget-friendly alternative without compromising on quality.

Comfort of Home

There's just no place like home. Having access to private care services allows our loved ones to enjoy their twilight years nestled in the familiar comforts of their own homes. This can make a world of difference, especially in providing a sense of normalcy and nurturing personal independence.

Finding your Perfect Match in Private Care

  • Matching based on the Strengths

At PrimeCarers, we don't rely on hunches to match our clients with carers - we have over 80 different factors that we consider. This extensive, details-oriented approach ensures that the service user and carer match is as close to perfect as possible. We make sure the carer is not only equipped to administer the necessary care but also share the same interests and values to build a deeper connection.

Perfect for couples

  • Affordability for Couples

When it comes to supporting couples in their home, PrimeCarers offers an excellent solution with an average weekly rate of £1,218. To put it into perspective, that figure is lower than the cost of care homes, making private care the more economical option. Read here to learn more about how PrimeCarers offers support to couples.

Bringing Leicestershire to your doorstep

Private carers don't just offer personal care; they also unlock the local area for service users. In Leicestershire, opportunities for days out abound - from peaceful strolls in the Bradgate Park to exploring the history at the King Richard III Visitor Centre or mesmerising castles and cathedrals. By having mobile, private care, service users can enjoy all the attractions their community has to offer.

The Superiority of Private Care

More Choice and Less Structure

While agencies may tend to be overly structured, private care offers a breath of fresh air. Instead of tasks being carried out with an almost clinical detachment, private care enables carers to offer personalised and adaptive care. This makes it ideal for service users with specific or changing needs.

Continuous Consistency

In contrast to care agencies, where rotas can change frequently due to high staff turnover, private care ensures that service users enjoy the stability of a consistent carer. This helps in building a trustful relationship between the carer and the service user.

Understanding the Cost of Care

Understanding the cost of care can often feel like navigating uncharted waters. Fortunately, PrimeCarers offers a detailed breakdown of the cost of home care in Leicestershire on their website.


Opting for private care provides the opportunity for a genuinely person-centred approach to care. Whether it's the freedom to choose the carer, affordability, or the comfort of receiving care in your home, private care readily outshines agency-based services. Leicestershire residents can explore PrimeCarers – a private care provider that prides itself in uniting clients with the perfect carers, tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

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