Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Lewisham

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Lewisham

Opting for a private carer service like PrimeCarers in Lewisham offers you a consistent, more affordable care option, all within the comfort of your own home.

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Private Care: A Superior Option

Consistent Carer

With PrimeCarers, the individual or their family has the power to choose the carer who fits their needs best. The choice of carer is never out of your hands. This ensures a consistent carer-client relationship, fostering a deep, personal understanding of the person's needs, preferences, and routines. Compared to agencies which rotate carers, this decreases the stress of unpredictability, especially crucial when caring for those with dementia who need familiar faces and routines.


Private care through PrimeCarers is more affordable compared to other alternatives. They offer a 12.5% fee on live-in care, and a 15-20% fee for hourly care. The excess money saved can be used to enhance care or secure additional resources. By comparison, agencies typically take a 30-50% cut from the fee, ballooning costs without providing improved service.

Greater Comfort In Your Own Home

The facility to deliver care in one's home offers greater comfort and personal freedom. Within your own space, you can dictate the plan of action; they are not confined to rigid institutional schedules or programs. The familiarity of home can soothe those undergoing treatment or recovery, or those who, due to age or disability, find change difficult.

The Perfect Match

Good care is defined by compatibility between the client and carer, and so PrimeCarers matches individuals to carers based on over 80 factors. This includes but is not limited to, routines, preferences, and the care recipent's needs. This holistic approach ensures a more personalised care experience and a higher standard of care.

Ideal for Couples

For couples that desire to live together but have care needs, PrimeCarers provides excellent couple care solutions. On average, providing home-based care for a couple costs £1,218 per week, a valuable option for couples who wish to maintain their living arrangements yet need additional support. More information on caring for couples can be found here.

Making the Most of Life in Lewisham

Being cared for at home in Lewisham also means more opportunities for unique social and leisure activities. Carers can accompany clients on trips to local attractions, encouraging social connection and active engagement.

Lewisham is home to the Horniman Museum and Gardens, a favourite amongst the elderly for its nostalgic exhibits and serene gardens. A closer exploration of Lewisham's local culture could mean a trip to the Broadway Theatre, where a variety of performances can be enjoyed. For those who appreciate nature's tranquillity, the Manor House Gardens and Lewisham Park offer beautiful green spaces ideal for leisurely walks or picnics.

Making the Leap from Traditional to Private Care

The Drawbacks of Agency Care

While traditional agency care may seem the go-to option for many, it comes with notable drawbacks.

Firstly, the hefty cut agencies take from the care fees only increases clients' expenditure without necessarily improving the quality of care.

Additionally, the lack of individual choice in carer selection limits the potential for a compatible care partnership. This becomes even more problematic when these agencies frequently rotate carers, hindering the establishment of a comfortable and trusting carer-client relationship.

Tenants also find agency systems to be overly rigid, with carers often reluctant to carry out tasks not explicitly on their provided care plans. This restricts flexibility and fails to consider the dynamic nature of care.

Private Care: Flexibility and Freedom

In contrast, PrimeCarers’ private care service in Lewisham is tailored around the specific needs and desires of the individual being cared for, not the other way round. With private care, you have the ability to create a unique relationship with your carer, who can provide a consistent, personalised service.

In Conclusion

Private Care in Lewisham, facilitated by PrimeCarers, offers several distinct advantages, from selecting your own carer, being able to live comfortably in your own home, to having a service that is cost-effective.

Choosing PrimeCarers ensures that you have control over your care, coupled with the assurance that your provider will endeavour to meet all your individual needs. Whether it’s live-in or hourly care, or care for couples, PrimeCarers provides manageable and personalised support.

To find out more about how you can get started with private care in Lewisham, take a look at the complete guide to private carers here. Curious about the cost of home care in Lewisham? Details can be found here.

Remember, with PrimeCarers, you get to choose who becomes a part of your life, adding the personal touch to your care experience. Switching to private care can unlock numerous opportunities to enhance your quality of life, giving you more than just care - it gives you a lifestyle.

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