Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Portsmouth

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Portsmouth

Unlocking the advantages of private care in Portsmouth allows a high quality, personalised, and cost-efficient way of caring for vulnerable people in the comfort of their own homes.

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Advantages of Private Care

When it comes to senior care, there's a myriad of options available. Among those, private care stands out to provide an optimal solution considering the myriad benefits it offers.

A Consistent Carer

One of the primary advantages of private care with PrimeCarers is that the client always has the final say on choosing the carer before they are invited into the home. The joy of private care with us is that it allows you to maintain a harmonious environment in your home with a consistent carer who understands your unique care needs, and respects your personal choices and preferences.

Our model encourages developing strong, healthy relationships between clients and carers since familiarity can substantially improve the quality of care. Consistent carers also have a better understanding of their clients, which aids in identifying any sudden changes that may signify a health issue needing attention. Find a Private Carer in Portsmouth to get started on your journey.


Private care helps you make the most of your money. The value you get far surpasses the reasonable cost. For live-in care, you only incur a 12.5% fee, while for hourly care, the fee ranges from 15-20%.

This pricing structure is significantly less than what typical agencies charge, which commonly take between 30-50% of the fees. You will find the Cost of Home Care in Portsmouth surprisingly affordable.

Comfort in Your Own Home

Nothing beats the comfort of receiving the care you need in your own home, surrounded by familiar objects and memories. Being in a comfortable, recognisable environment can immensely benefit those susceptible to stress or confusion such as dementia patients.

Private care allows for preservation of personal freedom and independence while also ensuring that daily requirements are met. The carer comes to your house, eliminating the need to adjust to new surroundings.

An Ideal Match

Our state-of-the-art, user-friendly platform allows PrimeCarers to match you with the right private carer based on over 80 different factors including location, skills, experience, qualifications, interests and more.

Whether you need help administering medication, require assistance with mobility, or simply need someone to share a cuppa and a chat with, our matching system ensures you connect with the right private carer in Portsmouth who can fulfil your needs.

Perfect for Couples

We understand how essential it is for elderly couples to stay together, especially if they've spent a lifetime together. That’s why our private care service is designed to be perfect for couples. At an average cost of £1,218 per week, both your parents can receive personalised care at home thereby staying together in their golden years. Learn more about how Will Carers Look After Couples?.

Local Outings

Your carer isn't just there to help with personal care and chores at home. They can also accompany you on visits to local attractions around Portsmouth. From the serene beauty of the Southsea Rose Garden to the fascinating stories spun at the Mary Rose Museum or a leisurely stroll down the historic Portsmouth Harbour, there are numerous wholesome experiences that can be enjoyed, while also providing the necessary support on these outings.

Private Care versus Agency Care

The decision between private care and agency care can often be daunting. However, when you compare the two, private care presents an unmistakably superior choice.

Control and Choice

Private care with PrimeCarers allows you to exercise control in choosing your carer. You have the ability to interview potential carers ensuring they are a good fit for your personal needs and preferences. The relationship is one-to-one and not subject to changes from an external organisation.

Moreover, we provide an easy to navigate platform where clients can browse through the profiles of carers and make an informed choice. With agencies, you may have limited options and are more likely to experience frequent changes in carers due to rotation and high staff turnover, which can be unsettling for those requiring care.


Agencies often operate within strict structures with carers unwilling to perform duties outside of the stipulated care plan. On the other hand, private care offers flexibility, allowing the carer to adapt to the client's changing priorities, preferences and schedules.

Cost Efficiency

When considering the financial aspect, private care is a more cost-effective solution. As mentioned earlier, PrimeCarers only takes 12.5-20% fee as opposed to the 30-50% taken by agencies. This ensures your funds are directly contributing to the care received, offering substantial value for money.

Your Perfect Private Care Journey

With private care in Portsmouth, you unlock access to a personalised, flexible and affordable care option tailored to your unique needs or those of your loved ones. Opting for PrimeCarers is choosing trust, value, and quality, allowing you or your loved one to live a quality life in the calmness, familiarity and comfort of your own home.

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