Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Redcar and Cleveland

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Redcar and Cleveland

Private Care in Redcar and Cleveland, facilitated through PrimeCarers, offers a more personalised, affordable care solution for your elderly loved ones, right from the comfort of their own home.

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The Advantages of Private Care

When it comes to caring for our ageing or disabled loved ones, the choices can often seem complex and overwhelming. However, private care offers benefits that can often outshine other options.

Consistent Carer

One of the major benefits of private care is the opportunity to have a consistent carer. Unlike in care agencies, private care allows you to choose your carer directly. Imagine being able to make your own choice of the carer who suits your specific needs, having the flexibility and peace of mind that comes with knowing that you always get the final say on who comes into your home, and that they will be the one who stays, providing consistent care.

By working with PrimeCarers, you can see a wide range of potential carers, their profiles and their rates, before deciding who is the right fit for the care you or your loved one needs.

Affordable Care

Choosing a private carer can often be much more affordable than other care alternatives. With PrimeCarers, for instance, the fee for live-in care is as little as 12.5% of the total cost, and for other services such as hourly care, it is between 15-20%.

This could be substantially less than agency rates, which are notorious for taking a cut of 30-50% of the total cost of care. When you consider the difference this could make to your available budget for care, the advantage of private care becomes even more apparent. For further information, you can take a look at the cost of home care in Redcar and Cleveland.

Comfort of Your Own Home

For many of our older loved ones, the thought of leaving their home can be distressing. With private care, this doesn’t have to be a concern. Having care provided in the home means individuals can remain in their familiar surroundings, with their belongings, their pets, their neighbours and their memories.

Private care allows for a more personalised service, tailored to the preferences and requirements of the individual. Tasks such as meal preparation, light housekeeping and assistance with personal care can all be delivered in the home environment. Moreover, elderly couples, who want to stay together but require different levels of care, can both receive the assistance they need in their own home at an affordable cost.

Perfect Match

When you're in need of care, finding a compatible carer is extremely important. PrimeCarers offers a perfect match service, with over 80 factors taken into consideration when suggesting carer-client matches. This ensures that not only is your carer equipped to fulfil your care needs, but they are also compatible with both your personality and lifestyle. This level of personalised fitting is a major benefit of private care over agency care, where such specified matching processes are often not available.

Adventure in the Community

Private caregivers also provide the opportunity for you or your loved ones to still be part of the local community. Redcar and Cleveland has many local attractions that are popular with the elderly or disabled.

Places like the Kirkleatham Museum, with its rich local history; the Saltburn Cliff Tramway, offering outstanding views of the sea; Guisborough Forest and Walkway, for those who enjoy nature, and the charming Saltburn Miniature Railway all offer fantastic trips out. With a private carer, such outings are much easier to arrange than with an agency, offering a better potential quality of life and enjoyment of the local area.

Private Care is Superior to Agency Care

Beyond the direct benefits of private care, it’s also good to realise the limitations of agency care, which can be overly structured, inflexible, and may rotate their carers suiting their business needs more than yours.

Higher Costs

As mentioned earlier, the cost of care through an agency can often be significantly higher due to the agency taking a large cut of the fees. This can make private care a more economical alternative without compromising on quality or duration of care.

Limited Choice of Carers

With agency care, it is usually the agency who decides which carer is assigned to a client, limiting client preference. This could result in a poor carer match, leading to less enjoyable and potentially less effective care. On the other hand, private care gives clients the option to choose their own carer.

High Turnover of Carers

Agencies often face high staff turnover that can lead to frequent changes in carers for clients. Sudden change in carers may disrupt the level of trust and mutual understanding developed over time. In contrast, with private care like the one provided by PrimeCarers, the carer remains consistent, ensuring a continuity of care and a secure, trusting relationship.


Agency care is often provided through a set care plan, leaving little room for flexibility. Activities not outlined on the list will usually not be covered. On the contrary, private care allows the care plan to evolve with the needs of the individual, making sure it remains suitable.

In conclusion, private care offers a wide variety of advantages for both individuals and their loved ones. Whether it's the consistency of carer, affordability, flexibility, or the comfort of receiving care in the familiar surroundings of one's own home, private care clearly has the upper hand. Leveraging the service of PrimeCarers in Redcar and Cleveland can unlock these benefits and help make the journey of ageing a smoother, more comfortable experience. Whether you need live-in care or wish to understand the complete aspects of private care, this guide can set you on the right path to finding the care you need.

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