Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Southwark

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Southwark

Navigating the complex world of elderly care can be challenging, but the advantages of private care in Southwark, introduced by PrimeCarers, far outweigh those of agency care, offering consistent high-quality service, cost-effectiveness, and the unique comfort of staying in one's own home.

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The Undeniable Perks of Private Care

Consistency That Matters

There is a remarkable advantage to private home care that tends to overshadow others, and that's the consistency of carers. With PrimeCarers, clients have the freedom to choose their private carer, providing the comforting knowledge that familiar, trusted help will always be at hand. The carer is not just a professional, but also a companion who can harmoniously blend into the family’s daily routine.

A More Affordable Option

Choosing private home care does not necessarily mean more expensive care. In fact, with PrimeCarers, the service fees stand at a reasonable 12.5% for live-in care and 15-20% for hourly care. Comparatively, agencies can take a 30-50% cut, making PrimeCarers' private care a more cost-effective choice.

Comfort of Your Own Home

Home is where we feel safest and most snug. This sense of comfort is particularly important for the elderly or those with disabilities. PrimeCarers understands this and provides services that allow clients to receive the necessary attention and support while leisurely situated in the familiarity of their own personal space.

A Seamless Match

PrimeCarers takes great care to ensure clients are matched to the right carer. The matching process considers over 80 factors to guarantee that clients' needs are duly met. The system ensures that the carer not only provides essential assistance but is also compatible with the client on a personal and emotional level.

Perfect for Couples

Private care truly shines for elderly couples who can both be supported in their own home. For an average cost of £1,218 per week, both your parents can benefit from professional care, providing a symbiotic care solution where neither of your parents feel isolated or overlooked.

Exploring Southwark

What makes PrimeCarers unique is that carers don't limit their services to indoors. As long as the client's health allows, carers can accompany them on outings to local attractions around Southwark. Some popular sites for day trips include the lush Southwark Park, the tranquil Red Cross Garden, or the Bankside Gallery, which hosts a continuously changing display of contemporary watercolours and prints.

Comparing Private to Agency Care

Where Agency Care Falls Short

Agency care is often viewed as a more traditional approach, but it is not without its weaknesses. One conspicuous flaw is the high fees, with agencies generally taking a 30-50% cut of what you pay, making your care provision significantly more expensive than hiring private carers.

The Question of Choice

PrimeCarers champions the choice of the client when providing elderly care services. However, with agency care, there's often a more limited pool to choose from. Agencies may also operate on an overly structured format, with care plans that are inflexible, leaving carers unwilling or unable to be versatile in their assistance.

The Turnover Problem

One of the substantial drawbacks with agencies is their high staff turnover, leading to an unsettling cycle of new carers being rotated into a client’s home. This inconsistency can be troubling for the elderly who value routine and familiarity.

Turning to Private Care in Southwark

As we've seen, there are numerous compelling reasons to choose private care in Southwark. Its innate convenience and flexibility certainly give it an edge over traditional agency care. Moreover, whether it’s exploring the beautiful borough of Southwark or simply relaxing in the comforting nooks of home, PrimeCarers’ aim is to ensure you, or your loved ones, lead the fullest life possible.

For further help on navigating the world of private care, PrimeCarers offers a comprehensive guide that covers every aspect of private care in great depth. Whether you are contemplating live-in care or hourly support, rest assured that with PrimeCarers, you will find the best personalised solution. It's time to unlock the possibilities of personalised care in Southwark, benefitting from all the advantages that PrimeCarers has to offer.

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