Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Surrey

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Surrey

Unlocking the benefits of private care in Surrey enables individuals to make more informed health choices, allowing them to enjoy consistent, affordable, and personalised care, in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes.

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The Benefits of Private Care

Private care nurtures a unique perspective on the individual needs and preferences of every client, while offering a myriad of benefits relative to traditional or agency-based care. Here, we delve into some of the unique advantages provided by private care in Surrey.

Consistent Carer

Private care offers the privilege of comprehensive continuity of care. With PrimeCarers, you have the freedom to select your carer and assert final say over who enters your home, offering a unique level of control and comfort not commonly found in agency-based care. This trait ensures personalised care can be cultivated, built on trust and understanding, fostering true companionship and therapeutic relationship between clients and their carers.

A More Affordable Option

Private care is often thought to be expensive, but in reality, it exhibits a significant cost advantage over agency care. With PrimeCarers, you only face a 12.5% fee for live-in care and a 15-20% fee for hourly care. This cost-effectiveness, especially when contrasted with the 30-50% cut most agencies take, is a major benefit of private care and a key reason why many are electing this route in Surrey. The Cost of Home Care in Surrey page offers detailed information.

Comfort of Your Own Home

One of the salient features of private care is the ability to receive quality care in the comfort of your home. This personalized service can be a real boon for those who value the familiarity and tranquility of their own surroundings over the clinical environment of care homes or who may find hospitals unsettling. The ability to remain independent and stay in familiar surroundings can have a transformative impact on mental well-being, making home care a beneficial option.

The Perfect Match

At PrimeCarers, we understand that each client is unique in their needs and preferences. That's why we use a comprehensive matching system that considers over 80 factors to pair you with the right carer. Whether you or your loved one's needs are personal care, companionship, specialised care such as dementia care, or even simple household chores - we'll match you with the ideal private carer in Surrey. For comprehensive information on how we do this matching, refer to our Complete Guide to Private Carers.

Ideal for Couples

If you're seeking care for both your parents or a couple living together, private care emerges as an economical and ideal solution. On average, you can support both individuals at home for £1,218/week. This is significantly more affordable than having to opt for separate care in a residential setting. To ensure it is well understood, we've detailed extensively how we manage this daunting task on our page Will Carers Look After Couples?.

Tailored Personal Outings

Private care is not confined within the four walls of your home, it also graciously folds in outings to local attractions within your personalised care plan. This means your carer can accompany you to popular Surrey attractions such as The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Hampton Court Palace, Thorpe Park, The British Wildlife Centre or Richmond Park, to name a few. This makes private care a fun, splendid bridge between care and quality of life.

Comparing Private Care and Agency Care

It's crucial to understand the differences between private care and agency-based care, as they often shape the quality and type of the care you or your loved one will receive. PrimeCarers prioritises the interests of its clients, improving upon many of the limitations in traditional agency-based offerings.

Agency Fees and Private Care Costs

While agency care may seem the easiest route to take, it often comes with steeper costs. Most agencies take a 30-50% cut of the care fee which significantly inflates the overall cost of care. On the other hand, PrimeCarers provides a more affordable alternative with competitive prices for live-in and hourly care, as highlighted earlier.

Choice of Carers

Unlike agencies where you generally have less choice over the selection of carers, private care through PrimeCarers ensures you have the final say on who cares for you or a loved one. We endeavour to match clients with skilled, conscientious carers based on preferences and needs, using a methodical matching system that evaluates over 80 factors. You can find and choose the perfect carer using our Find a Private Carer in Surrey feature.

Rigid Structures and Turnover

Agencies can often be overly structured, with carers unwilling to extend their services beyond the explicitly stated care plan. Furthermore, as agencies frequently swap carers due to rotas and high staff turnover, it becomes challenging to cultivate a therapeutic, trusting relationship between clients and carers. PrimeCarers addresses this by ensuring the same carer continues to provide the service, fostering a consistent, positive relationship.

Final Thoughts

Unlocking the advantages of private care in Surrey through PrimeCarers offers an intimate, comfortable, and personalised care experience. With advantageous qualities such as consistency in carers, affordable options, and a care plan tailored to individual prerequisites, private care is an optimal solution. While traditional agency care systems can often feel ordered and impersonal, private care offers a caring, bespoke service born out of genuine sincerity and a desire to improve the quality of life for clients. Embrace the advantages of private care and experience the difference for yourself.

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