Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Westminster

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Westminster

Private Care in Westminster offers noticeable advantages, delivering consistent, affordable care in the comfort of home while offering personalised carer selection, making it superior to agency healthcare.

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Availing the benefits of Private Care Services

Providing care for your loved ones is an essential but sometimes tough task. Choosing the right care, be it for yourself, elderly parents, or a disabled family member, is crucial to maintaining a good standard of life. Private care services in Westminster, such as PrimeCarers, come into the picture with numerous advantages.

Consistent Carer

One of the main benefits of opting for private care is the constant presence of a carer. You can select your carer and have the final say on who is allowed into your home. The carer becomes familiar with your daily routines, health condition, taste in meals, and your lifestyle. This consistency is crucial for establishing a trusting relationship between carer and the cared, ultimately resulting in a higher quality of life.

Affordable Charges

Private care services are cost-effective. With the affordable rate of a 12.5% fee for live-in care and a 15-20% fee for hourly care, the financial burden gets significantly lessened. The Cost of Home Care in Westminster drops considerably when compared to facilities or agencies, giving you more freedom to direct your finances where they're most needed.

Comfort of Home

In our homes are where we feel safest and most comfortable. Home care services allow people in need of care to stay within the reassuring boundaries of their home, amidst familiar surroundings. This retains a sense of independence and brings more happiness than a residential care home.

Perfect Match of Carer

Private care services like PrimeCarers match clients with carers based on over 80 factors. The process takes into account the needs, likes, dislikes, health condition, preferred time schedules, and many other such considerations. It ensures that the chosen carer aligns perfectly with the client's lifestyle and health condition.

Ideal for Couples

Private care services are particularly beneficial for elderly couples, providing aid at the average charge of £1,218/week. Such services allow couples to continue living together in their home, receiving necessary assistance and attention. It offers a cost-efficient solution, as suggested in ' Will Carers Look After Couples?'.

Local Attractions for Leisure

The carers in Westminster are not only confined to providing health assistance but also add value by aiding in social engagement. They routinely take their care recipients to nearby local attractions. Westminster has plenty to offer for the elderly and disabled. Including tranquil parks like St. James's Park, historical sites like the Houses of Parliament and the Queen's Gallery.

The Superior Choice over Agency Care

Choosing private care services comes with distinct advantages over opting for agency care.

Economical Fees

Agencies generally deduct a hefty 30-50% cut of the hourly fee you pay, making private care a more desirable option for families giving thought to their budgets.

More Choice

Agencies often have a limited pool of carers. Since the choice of carers is quite less, compromises are made on crucial factors like compatibility and schedules. Private care ensures you have a multitude of carers to choose from, ensuring the best match.


Agency care can sometimes be overly structured, with carers unwilling to engage in any activity not explicitly stated in the care plan. This situation can lead to care recipients feeling constrained and unfulfilled.

Continuity of Carer

High turnover rates among agency carers mean that care recipients may start with one carer and end up with someone entirely different. This inconsistency can lead to distress for the person in care. With private care services, the same carer is provided ensuring familiarity and continuity.

Final Thoughts

The best care is one that's chosen with a lot of consideration and empathy. With affordable charges, personalised matching, comfort of home, and supportive care, private care can be the right choice for many. By connecting you with the ideal carers, PrimeCarers endeavours to restore the quality of life and emphasise the importance of independence for you or your beloved ones. Remember, everyone deserves to be looked after with dignity and respect.

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