How to Find a Private Carer? The best websites to use in 2021

There are lots of ways to find a private carer. In this article, we’ll cover all the methods, the pros and cons of each, and our top tips to help you write a job description and vet your carer.

Why find a private carer?

A private carer is different from traditional agency care in that you employ your carer directly and don’t contract a CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered care agency that employs the carer.

This brings with it lots of benefits and some cons. The main benefits being lower prices and control over your own care. The negatives are that the responsibility for vetting your carers, managing payments/expenses, and organising holiday cover fall on your shoulders.

As long as you’re willing to take on these responsibilities then it’s time to begin your search to find the perfect carer for you.

Where to find a private carer?

Introductory Services

An introductory service like PrimeCarers can be a low stress place to find a private carer.

An introductory service, like PrimeCarers, has a database of pre-vetted private carers that you can search and filter to match your needs. Once you’ve found a carer you like the look of you can chat with and book these carers via the introductory service.

Introductory services are funded by a fee charged to carers when they are employed via the platform. This means that care can cost 5-20% more than when you run your own vetting process, but it does provide extra reassurance that your carer has the skills and is safe to work with.

Introductory services also usually offer additional support to help you cover sick leave, holiday leave and resolve any disagreements that might arise between you and your carer.



  • Can be more expensive than employing a carer

Top Introductory Services:

The local newspaper

The classified ads in your local paper remain a viable way to find a private carer.

If you’re not so tech-savvy but still want to recruit your own carer then the old-fashioned newspaper is still a viable option to find a private carer. Plenty of private carers keep an eye on their local paper for opportunities. You might not have the largest selection of carers and you will still need to vet them yourself but it’s a pretty cost-effective way to find a carer for you.


  • A simple way to find carers
  • No Internet Access required
  • Low cost of £5-10 for an ad


  • There might not be that many people looking at newspapers
  • You’ll need to narrow down your applications manually.
  • You need to carry out carer vetting yourself.

Online Classified Ads

An online classified ads site has taken the place of newspapers to a certain degree.

Online classified ads contain everything, stuff, houses, jobs and those looking for a private carer. There are plenty of national and local sites you can try and find a carer with.


  • Cheap or free classified ads
  • Broad reach across lots of people


  • Lots of unqualified candidates to sift through
  • You’ll need to narrow down your applications manually.
  • You need to carry out carer vetting yourself.
  • You need to prepare a contract and organise the details.

Just post up a job advert with what you’re looking for and you’ll get plenty of offers. Some sites you can consider are:

Care Specific Job Boards

Carer specific classified ads sites might offer you a more targeted place to find a private carer

Unlike an introductory service, these websites don’t engage in any carer vetting, but they offer more targeted classified ads for carers. Post your job up and then wait for carers to start contacting you.


  • Cheap advertising for jobs
  • More Specific audience than classified ads
  • Better tools to help you filter


  • You need to run your own vetting process
  • You still need to filter down unqualified candidates
  • You need to carry out carer vetting yourself.
  • You need to prepare a contract and organise the details.

There are plenty of these sites available but some of the most popular include:

How to write a job posting to find a Private Carer?

Most introductory services will offer you a questionnaire to help match you with the perfect carer but if you end up using a method that requires you to write your own job posting then be specific about who you’re looking for by answering the following questions:

  • Are you looking for an hourly or live-in carer?
  • What schedule are you looking to fill and how flexible are you?
  • Do you need a man, woman or don’t you mind?
  • Do they need to speak a specific language?
  • What experience should they have with the illnesses you need help with?
  • Are there any special skills they need to have e.g. PEG feeding or Stoma Care?
  • Do they need to have a car or driving license?
  • Do they need to be comfortable with pets?
  • Will they need to do any housework or cleaning?
  • What budget do you have and what are you looking to spend?
  • Are there any hobbies or interests you’d like them to have?

How to background check your private carer?

You’ll need to check out the following four things in order to background check your carer.

1. Enhanced DBS Check

This is an essential check that the government says must be completed before someone can be engaged as a private carer. You’re looking for someone with an enhanced DBS certificate that’s either on the update service or renewed within the last 6-12 months.

The Enhanced DBS certificate should be requested with either the adult barring list and/or the child barring list depending on who they will be caring for. This is an extra check applied to an enhanced DBS certificate that shows that they have been approved to work with children and vulnerable adults.

2. Knowledge / Certificates

You want to make sure that your carer is good at what they do. This can often be difficult to determine when you are not a carer yourself. Checking if they have certificates for all of their training is a good place to start but it’s also worth doing your own research and coming up with some other technical interview questions to test their knowledge.

3. ID and Right to Work

Checking that someone is who they say they are and that they have a right to work in the UK is an important step. You’ll want to match their provided ID documents with the enhanced DBS certificate they provided and check if their documents give them a right to work in the UK. You can find out what constitutes a valid right to work by consulting this government guide.

4. References from previous employers

The final bit of due diligence you should carry out is to ask for references from their previous employers. Make sure to ask your carer for contact details so that you can verify the references.

In Summary

The method you use to find the right private carer for you will depend on your budget, urgency, and willingness to do your own leg work. If you’re looking for someone really specific then you might need to try multiple sources.

I hope that you’ve found this breakdown useful and that you find the right carer for you. If you are looking for a carer yourself or need some additional support choosing a carer then give our team a call on 0203 369 3624 or search and contact our database of vetted carers today.

Author: James

I founded and manage PrimeCarers, a Platform that connects Private Clients with Private Carers near them.