Types Of Elderly Care Available in Anglesey

Map of Types Of Elderly Care Available in Anglesey showing towns we provide care in
Types Of Elderly Care Available in Anglesey

In Anglesey, several types of elderly care are available, such as Hourly Care, Live-in Care, Respite Care, Dementia Care, End of Life Care, and Overnight Care, all of which can be found through PrimeCarers.

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Understanding the Different Types of Elderly Care Available

Catering to diverse needs and unique circumstances, a wide array of elderly care options are offered on the Isle of Anglesey by trained and empathetic carers.

Hourly Care

With Hourly Care, a dedicated carer visits an elderly person in the comfort of their home to offer requisite care. These appointments typically last a minimum of one hour and are tailor-made according to the person's needs which might comprise tasks like hygiene assistance, meal preparation, medication reminders, or companionship.

Hourly Care in Anglesey

For those looking for elderly care in Anglesey, hourly care can be of great help. Irrespective of the exact assistance needed, whether it's personal care, transportation help, or companionship, these services can be flexibly scheduled to fit the elderly person's routine and lifestyle.

Live-in Care

One step further than hourly care is the option of Live-in Care where a personal carer lives with the elderly person in their home to offer round-the-clock support.

Live-in Care in Anglesey

In beautiful Anglesey, live-in care services allow elderly citizens to receive the support them need without having to leave the comfort and familiarity of their home. A live-in carer can take care of household tasks, accompany individuals to social engagements, and ensure that their health needs are met, also providing peace of mind for family members.

Respite Care

Respite Care is a critical aspect of elderly care that often gets overlooked. It involves temporary support provided by carers to relieve the primary caregiver, giving them a chance to rest and recharge.

Respite Care in Anglesey

In Anglesey, respite care ensures that the loving, hardworking primary caregivers get their much-needed breaks while ensuring the elderly continue to receive quality care. Offering a variety of recreational activities, the best outings for the elderly provided by the carer can also add an element of enjoyment to these stays.

Dementia Care

Offering a safety net to those struggling with this challenging condition, Dementia Care involves specialised support from carers adept in handling the unique needs and situations arising from dementia.

Dementia Care in Anglesey

In Anglesey, dementia care options provide the elderly afflicted with this condition the necessary support, letting them maintain a sense of independence and dignity while ensuring their safety and well-being.

End of Life Care

Offering comfort, dignity, and respect during a particularly challenging time, End of Life Care involves professional carers with specialised training in palliative care. They provide not only physical but emotional support as well, easing the process for the elderly person and their family.

End of Life Care in Anglesey

Anglesey offers end of life care with the gentle touch and comforting presence that people need during these times. Available within the nurturing environment of one's home, it lightens the emotional burden for both the elderly individual and their families.

Overnight Care

Finally, there is Overnight Care, where carers visit the elderly person's home to provide support at night, usually for a minimum of eight hours. During this time, the carer can meet the individual’s needs which may include helping with bedtime routines or offering support if issues such as insomnia or anxiety occur.

Overnight Care in Anglesey

Overnight care in Anglesey is a boon for those elderly individuals who require extra support during nighttime hours. Whether it's help with going to the bathroom, reassurance during bouts of night-time anxiety, or assistance managing pain, care is available when it’s needed the most.


Elderly care is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and recognising that each individual is unique with different needs is crucial. In Anglesey, elder care is recognised and treated as such with a variety of tailored, compassionate care options available. PrimeCarers facilitates the process of finding the right care, be it hourly, live-in, respite, dementia, end of life, or overnight care. Whichever option suits best, one thing is certain - there is an ideal plan and carer for every elderly person in Anglesey. In the journey of ageing, one need not walk alone.

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