Types Of Elderly Care Available in Angus

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Types Of Elderly Care Available in Angus

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In Angus, various types of elderly care are available, such as Hourly Care, Live-in Care, Respite Care, Dementia Care, End of Life Care, and Overnight Care, which can all be sought through PrimeCarers.

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Hourly Care

Through PrimeCarers, clients can benefit from an Hourly Care service. As the name suggests, carers visit the elderly persons home for a minimum of one hour. This allows for the provision of care and companionship in a familiar environment, ensuring comfort, maintenance of self-esteem, and potential for better health outcomes.

The level of care provided can vary, depending on the needs of the individual. It can encompass help with household chores, meal preparation, assistance with medication, personal care, or simply companionship. This kind of care is ideal for those who can generally manage on their own but need occasional assistance with daily tasks or simply wish for some company.

Care is often provided by highly experienced carers who have undergone stringent vetting procedures. They offer expertise with a person-centred approach, treating clients with respect while providing quality care.

Live-in Care

For those requiring more intensive care, Live-in Care is also an excellent option. Here, carers co-habit with the client, providing round-the-clock support and assistance. This kind of care offers the elderly a solution that can minimise the disruption often experienced when moving into a residential care home, whilst also assuring them that their personal needs will always be attended to promptly.

The arrangement is such that both the carer and client share the same living space, enabling the establishment of a deeper understanding and bond between them. These arrangements typically encompass housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care, mobility assistance, companionship, and in many cases, even allowing clients to maintain the care of pets.

Respite Care

Caregiving can often be a demanding task, which makes respite care a significant provision. With Respite Care, temporary care is provided to give the primary caregiver a break, alleviating stress and preventing burnout.

The aim here is to ensure the continued provision of care for the elderly individual, whilst also allowing the usual caregiver some time to rest and rejuvenate. This could be for a brief period, or over some days, allowing for a holiday or complete rest.

Respite care is flexible and can be arranged to suit the needs of both the caregiver and the individual being cared for. It's an essential way to maintain the wellness of the caregiver, enabling them to continue providing better care in the long run.

Dementia Care

As with other unique health conditions, dementia requires specialised care. PrimeCarers offers expert Dementia Care in Angus, with carers specifically trained in managing and assisting those with dementia.

Dementia can manifest in several ways, including memory loss, difficulties with problem-solving, and challenges with coordination and motor functions. Trained dementia carers possess the knowledge and skill to manage these symptoms effectively, providing support in maintaining safety, health, and the overall quality of life for individuals with dementia.

Key elements of this care include implementing suitable activities, communication strategies, and creating a safe and calm environment. In addition, they help manage nutritional needs, medications, mobility issues, and personal care, whilst providing emotional support and companionship.

End of Life Care

End of Life Care is sensitive, skilled, and personalised Medicare service offered by PrimeCarers for individuals in the latter stages of life, who are living with serious, potentially terminal illnesses. This care is delivered by carers with specialist training in palliative care.

In providing this kind of care, the carer supports both the client and their families during these challenging times. Services include supporting with pain management, provision of emotional and psychological support, and ensuring the comfort and wellbeing of the individual by addressing any distressing symptoms.

End of Life Care aims to uphold as much of the client's autonomy, dignity, and preference while providing vital support to loved ones. This type of care focuses on ensuring the highest achievable quality of life until the end, whilst providing solace and support to the families in navigating this distressing time.

Overnight Care

Lastly, PrimeCarers also offers Overnight Care services. This encompasses carers visiting the homes of elderly clients to provide support during the nocturnal hours, typically for a minimum of eight hours. This service is beneficial for individuals requiring assistance at night, perhaps for the management of specific health conditions, mobility assistance, or ensuring safety during the night.

When overnight care is in place, families and loved ones can rest assured that their elderly are adequately taken care of, even during the unpredicatable night hours.


PrimeCarers offers a comprehensive suite of elderly care services in Angus, ensuring there is an existing solution for nearly all care needs. Each type of care is thoughtfully designed to serve a particular requirement, enhancing the quality of life for the elderly whilst also providing reassurance for family members. With this extensive range of services available, families can locate and work with the ideal private carer, offering the needed care right from the comfort of home.

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