Types Of Elderly Care Available in Lewisham

Map of Types Of Elderly Care Available in Lewisham showing towns we provide care in
Types Of Elderly Care Available in Lewisham

Elderly care in Lewisham comes in many forms, including Hourly Care, Live-in Care, Respite Care, Dementia Care, End of Life Care, and Overnight Care, each catering to various needs and circumstances.

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Hourly Care

Hourly care is a flexible and personalised form of care service that caters to the specific needs of individuals. In Lewisham, with PrimeCarers, carers visit elderly individuals in their homes for a minimum of one hour, providing various forms of assistance, ranging from help with daily chores, companionship and medicines management.

The Convenience of Hourly Care

The primary advantage of hourly care is its flexibility. The care schedule can be tailored to suit the individual's needs and preferences. This could range from a couple of hours of help in the morning to round-the-clock assistance. Schedule adjustments can be made as needs change over time, making this a great option for those with evolving care requirements.

Accessing Hourly Care in Lewisham

For Lewisham residents who're interested in finding an hourly carer, one can find helpful assistance through the PrimeCarers platform.

Live-in Care

Live-in care services are an excellent alternative to care homes, where the carer lives with the individual in their home, providing constant care and companionship.

The Benefits of Live-in Care

Live-in care allows for a higher degree of personalisation in the care plan, as the carer is always present and can respond to the individual's needs immediately. It also maintains the individual's independence and comfort, as they get to continue living in their familiar environment.

Locating Live-in Care in Lewisham

Residents in Lewisham seeking Live-in Care can find the necessary help through the PrimeCares platform to match with their ideal carer.

Respite Care

Respite care provides temporary relief for primary caregivers, ensuring they also get the opportunity to rest and recharge.

Importance of Respite Care

Caregiving can be intensive and may lead to caregiver burnout if not balanced out with personal time. Respite care serves as a short-term break for caregivers, allowing them to maintain their health and wellbeing, while still ensuring the safety and comfort of the person they're caring for.

Seeking Respite Care in Lewisham

If you're a primary caregiver in Lewisham, you can get temporary care relief through PrimeCarers

Dementia Care

Dementia care is a more specialised form of elderly care, provided by carers who have been specifically trained in how to care for individuals with dementia.

What Makes Dementia Care Different

Dealing with dementia requires a specific skill set, understanding the disease, how it progresses and how best to interact and communicate with individuals. Dementia trained caregivers utilise specific strategies to manage behaviour, stimulate memory and promote quality of life for these individuals.

Availing Dementia Care in Lewisham

In Lewisham, private dementia caregiving services can be sought out through PrimeCarers

End of Life Care

End of Life Care is provided by carers with specialist training in palliative care. These carers assist in making an individual's final stages of life as comfortable and peaceful as possible.

The Role of End of Life Care

This is a sensitive period where the emphasis is on pain relief, emotional and psychological support for the individual and their families. It's about enhancing the quality of life in the time left and supporting the individual in a dignified death.

Finding End of Life Care in Lewisham

Lewisham residents in need of such specialised services can find empathetic and professional carers through the PrimeCarers platform

Overnight Care

Overnight Care is for those who need assistance during the night. The carers typically stay for a minimum of eight hours and are there to provide support at night when it's needed the most.

The Necessity of Overnight Care

Elderly individuals or those with certain health conditions may need assistance at night - this could be due to fears of falling, needing help to use the bathroom, reassurance or medication administration. An overnight caregiver provides this support, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep.

Arranging for Overnight Care in Lewisham

For Lewisham residents requiring this assistance, the right caregiving support can be found at PrimeCarers


No matter the type of care required, there's a solution available in Lewisham. The first step towards finding the right help is understanding the types of care available. Should you need more extensive information on various types of elderly care, a complete guide to elderly care can provide the comprehensive insights you need. Care needs are unique to every individual. Selecting a service that caters effectively to one's specific needs is key to ensuring a safe, comfortable, and dignified ageing process.

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