Types of Home Care in Oxfordshire

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Types of Home Care in Oxfordshire

In the field of care services, several types of home care are provided in Oxfordshire, designed to meet various needs from companionship to complex care, and assisting with tasks ranging from household chores to medication management.

Home Care in Oxfordshire
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Understanding Home Care

The concept of home care revolves around the provision of different types of health care or supportive care for individuals in their homes. These services are delivered by qualified professionals to patients who are in need of ongoing assistance or rehabilitation. Home care is brewed from the principle of maintaining the independence, comfort, and safety of individuals while administering care at the same time.

Patients who opt for home care do so for a variety of reasons. This could be due to factors such as recovering from a health issue, managing a long-term health condition, or for companionship. Home care services can be particularly beneficial to individuals who want to maintain a certain level of independence while receiving the necessary care and support that they require.

PrimeCarers has taken the initiative in Oxfordshire to provide various types of home care services that cater to a wide range of needs. These services include Hourly Care, Overnight Care, and Live-in Care, each with their unique attributes and benefits.

Type of Home Care: Hourly Care

Hourly care, as the name suggests, involves providing home care services on an hourly basis. The care provider is available at the person's home for a few hours at a time depending on the individual's needs. The duration of the visit could range from a few hours every week to several hours every day, addressing specific aspects of care as per the requirements.

The primary advantage of Hourly Care is that it provides flexibility to the individual receiving care. This form of care can assist with a range of tasks including cooking, cleaning, personal care such as bathing and dressing, and even medication administration. It can also cater to those in need of companionship care, providing emotional and social support to individuals who may feel lonely or isolated.

Type of Home Care: Overnight Care

Overnight care involves a qualified carer staying in the home of the individual overnight. The primary purpose of Overnight Care is to provide peace of mind for individuals who may have conditions that require close monitoring or assistance during the night. More than just a safety measure, it also ensures that the individual always has someone available to help with personal care tasks as needed.

Some individuals face challenges such as frequent waking up during the night due to pain, discomfort, or the need for washroom assistance. Persistent sleep disruptions can also be seen in certain conditions such as dementia which might necessitate constant supervision. With overnight care, help is readily available, ensuring a good night's rest for the individual.

Type of Home Care: Live-in Care

Live-in care involves a carer living in the home of the individual to provide round-the-clock support. It differs from overnight care as it extends from day-to-day care to ongoing monitoring and assistance 24/7. Live-in Care service can greatly benefit people with health conditions that require constant supervision and involvement, such as Parkinson's disease, stroke recovery, multiple sclerosis (MS) and dementia.

While Live-in care can assist with tasks similar to hourly and overnight care, the constant presence of a carer provides an additional layer of safety and assurance. This form of care not only caters to the physical needs of the individual but also fulfils their social and psychological needs, often forming a profound bond between the caregiver and the individual.

Specialised Care for Various Conditions

Care requirements can vary extensively based on the individual's health condition. PrimeCarers provides specialised care for a variety of conditions.

Dementia Care

Dementia Care is focused on supporting individuals living with dementia. This encompasses a wide range of services from helping patients cope with memory loss, facilitating cognitive stimulation, managing behavioural changes, to administering medication.

Parkinson's Care

Parkinson's Care involves the management of symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease. The person-centred approach in Parkinson's care caters uniquely to each individual to maintain their independence and quality of life.

MS Care

MS Care is designed to support individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis. The goal is to manage symptoms, promote independence and improve the quality of life of those affected by the condition.

Stroke Recovery Care

Stroke Recovery Care assists individuals who are recovering from a stroke. It encompasses rehabilitation exercises, meal preparation and medication management among others.


Home care in Oxfordshire provides a range of services that suit the unique needs of every individual, including Hourly Care, Overnight Care, and Live-in Care. It also offers specialised care for various conditions like dementia, Parkinson's disease, MS, and stroke recovery. More than just physical care, these services extend to emotional support and companionship, enriching the lives of those in need. Choosing the right type of home care is crucial in promoting independence, safety, and quality of life of the individual. PrimeCarers can help with the best type of home care for your needs. With compassionate and skilled caregivers, you are assured to receive the care that suits your unique circumstances and enhances your well-being.

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