Best Home Carers in York

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Best Home Carers in York

When it comes to home care, finding a carer who is not only properly vetted and trained, but is also the right match in terms of personality and interests can really make all the difference in the quality of life for the person receiving care. In York, there are a myriad of options but today we will focus on three exceptional carers partaking on the PrimeCarers platform: Donna R, Machema A, and James Mwaguta P.

As part of the PrimeCarers' vetting process, all carers are ensured to have an up-to-date enhanced DBS certificate, an ID check, the right to work in the UK, and they go through a professional interview to guarantee their competence in the field.

Home Care in York
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Donna R: A Compassionate Companion and Carer


Donna R is a carer who stands out with her dedication to people, their wellbeing and her positive, practical disposition. With experiences supporting clients with various conditions and backgrounds, she has demonstrated great aptitude in coping with the varying realities of elderly care, all whilst fostering genuine connections with her clients.

Donna has not only worked with those facing physical disabilities and strokes, but has also cared for clients with conditions such as diabetes and vascular dementia. Her familiarity with diverse medical equipment, such as stoma and hoists, ensures a comprehensive care package.

According to a review by a family member of one of Donna's clients, she made a brilliant impact on their Mum who suffers from short term memory issues. As stated, "Donna is not just a great carer, she is a very interesting individual with lots of interests. She was brilliant with Mum...She is great at organising - being firm and compassionate when needed." This vouches for Donna's pleasure in sharing experiences and communicating efficiently.

Another reviewer pointed out her cooking abilities, and how her meals helped spark the appetite of an elderly lady under her care. Notably, she also displays her creative side through her meals, being able to cater for diverse dietary plans from hearty full English breakfasts to vegetarian meals demonstrating the full range of home care available in York.

It's not just about day-to-day care for Donna. Beyond the needs, she is known for her ability to make life more entertaining and engaging for people under her care and for her overall consistency and reliability as a carer. Donna’s approach is truly centred on the individual and their circumstances.

Machema A: Experienced and Empathetic


Machema A, often referred to as Ema, is a well-versed carer with 21 years of experience. Her extensive tenure in the care industry reflects her dedication to caring for individuals and her understanding of individual health issues.

Machema’s robust background in health and social care underpins her practice. She has a Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care, which has provided her with a solid understanding of legislations and policies related to patient care and support. She has also completed modules like "Health promotion-challenges and opportunities", "Group dynamics and working in teams" and “Planning care delivery” which further prepares her for her role in the industry.

Apart from her medical knowledge, Ema’s strength lies in her impeccable communication skills and empathetic nature. She respects the personhood of her clients and advocates for their involvement in decisions regarding their care. When considering the cost of home care in York, Machema's wealth of experience and personalised care approach provides considerable value.

James Mwaguta P: Enabling Independent Living


James Mwaguta P has an impressive six years of experience under his belt. He takes great satisfaction in his role as a live-in carer, helping clients live independently in their homes.

James’ duties encompass various aspects of care. He assists with personal care, such as bathing and dressing, medication administration, meal preparation, and maintaining infection control. He also ensures to provide companionship and to accompany his clients to appointments. His proficiency in English, both oral and written, is an asset to his communication skills.

With a track record of caring for clients with conditions such as dementia, learning disabilities, and physical disabilities, James brings a flexible set of skills to his service. He respects his client’s personal choices and ensures dignity and respect are maintained at all times. Importantly, he recognises the value in closely liaising with family members, GPs, and other professionals in the provision of comprehensive, coordinated care.

James’ competence in his role does not go unnoticed by those he cares for. His clients and their families can be assured that with him, they are receiving first-class service delivered with a warm heart and steadfast professionalism. This echoes the overall ethos of the PrimeCarers service, ensuring every client experiences the best home care York has to offer.


Selecting an appropriate carer suitable to your individual needs and the needs of your loved ones is an important decision. At PrimeCarers, the primary goal is to support this choice by providing you with the most essential information about the carers available to you.

In this respect, Donna, Machema, and James represent a snapshot of the selection of highly qualified and industrious carers at your disposal in York. They each bring valuables skills and elements of care that make them a stellar choice for home care services - underscoring why they are deemed some of the best carers in York. Based on individual needs and preferences, there is a breadth of caring professionals available to ensure quality care that vastly improves the lifestyles of those in need.

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