Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Leicester

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Unlocking the Advantages of Private Care in Leicester

Unlocking the advantages of private care in Leicester feels like opening the door to exceptional, tailored support that enhances life quality, elevates independence, and delivers peace of mind at affordable rates.

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Enticing Benefits of Care in Your Own Home

A standout advantage of private care is the opportunity to receive dedicated, consistent support from a familiar carer in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. Unlike in a care home setting, this personalised, at-home approach ensures that day-to-day rhythms, hobbies, and interests can be maintained and integrated seamlessly into a person-centric care plan.

This comforting routine, bolstered by the reassuring presence of a chosen carer, elevates a sense of safety and trust, crucial ingredients in fostering a positive care environment. Living at home also ensures personal autonomy, a priceless sense of freedom that feels more like companionship than traditional healthcare.

Affordable Care

When it comes to funding, private care is an appealing prospect. Hourly care costs average between 15-20% in fees, while live-in care has even lower costs with a 12.5% fee, allowing for more significant savings. Learn more about the cost of home care in Leicester.

Seamless Matching Process

PrimeCarers uses a unique matching process, combining over 80 factors to ensure compatibility between the client and their carer. This personalised system ensures that clients receive the kind of care they need, from someone who understands their unique circumstances and preferences.

Superior Care for Couples

Private care even extends its advantages to couples, providing a comforting solution that allows elderly or less-abled pairs to continue sharing their lives together at home. With an average fee of £1,218/week, couples can enjoy tailored care designed to meet their collective needs without straining their budget. Find out more about how carers look after couples.

The Joy of Local Attractions

One of the standout offerings of private care in Leicester is the ability for carers to take clients out to explore local attractions. Leicester abounds with sites well-loved by the elderly and disabled, such as the serene haven of Abbey Park, the tranquil beauty of Bradgate Park, or the endless wonders of the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery. Such outings provide fantastic opportunities for clients to engage in local culture, while also doing wonders to combat loneliness and isolation, key concerns within elderly care.

The Downside of Agency Care

Despite their ubiquity, care agencies frequently fall short of private care in several crucial aspects. Agencies typically take a concerning 30-50% cut from the fees, potentially compromising the level of care offered.

Agency care can often appear less flexible, with over-structured plans that fail to account adequately for personal preferences and activities outside the listed care plan. This restrictive approach can leave clients feeling detached from their own care process.

Lack of choice is another agency drawback. Kevin Fisher, an advocate for a more personalised care approach, once wrote: "The person being cared for in the end has little choice over who is providing their care if the agency decides to change the carer." This lack of agency can foster a sense of disconnection and helplessness, the exact opposite of caring for someone’s wellbeing.

Also, the adrenaline-charged, high-staff turnover atmosphere frequently found in care agencies may jeopardise the consistency of care, sometimes resulting in different carers ushered in and out of clientele homes, causing needless anxiety.

The Unbeatable Proposition of Private Care

On balance, the benefits of private care through PrimeCarers surpass those of agency care. The freedom of choice, consistency, tailored care, and low cost make private care an unbeatable proposition.

These benefits not only provide security and peace of mind for the receiver of care but also for family members knowing their loved ones are in capable and dedicated hands.

You are not limited by geographical location as you can easily find a private carer in Leicester or opt for live-in care anywhere in the city. Learn more about live-in care in Leicester.

In conclusion, the advantages of unlocking private care in Leicester are a worthwhile consideration for anyone seeking personalised, quality care for themselves or a loved one. The myriad benefits - from consistency to affordability and personalised care - enhance the quality of life for the client while providing peace of mind for all involved. Refer to our comprehensive guide for more on private carers.

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