I want to be a carer. But how?

I want to be a carer. But how?

Ever said “I want to be a carer” but didn’t know how to go about it? we’ve got you covered.

There are many reasons for someone to become a carer, some are personal, some are not. But no matter what your reasoning behind becoming a carer is, and whether you want to work on the side, or work full time, there is always room in the industry. 

How to become a carer for the elderly

Getting the knowledge

There are many different opportunities to take to become a carer for the elderly. College courses and apprenticeships are a way to earn a qualification to prove you have the knowledge. You could also volunteer or apply directly College courses are probably the easiest to find but may not benefit everyone. You may learn better from practice. So an apprenticeship may be a better option for you to gain a qualification as well as gain some practical experience in the job role. However, apprenticeships may be harder to find compared to college courses. You may already have the qualifications or you may want to skip the educational options, volunteering is a way you can gain experience before looking for a permanent role. You may also want to just apply directly and then gain the experience and training whilst you are on the job.

Learning on the job is a great way for you to gain a greater understanding of your client’s needs and understand the roles and their demands.

Getting the right role

Once you have the training and knowledge It will be time to think about if you want to be a private, independent, or agency carer. You may even want to look at working in a care home. You will also have to think about the hours you wish to do. Whether or not you want to work a couple times a week, you will need to understand what the roles expect from you. At PrimeCarers, we support you in looking for roles as a private carer. But there are more options out there if you’re looking at working full time.

There are many places you can go to if you’re looking for a job as a carer. Here at PrimeCarers, you can go through our registration as a private carer so that clients near you, who are looking for carers, can contact you with details on what they need so that you can hopefully fill that role for them. There are other private caring platforms out there and there are also agencies. Agencies are different than private platforms in many ways. The most noticeable difference between private platforms and agencies is that private platforms usually charge much less commission compared to agencies.

How to be a good carer for the elderly

The most important aspect of any carer is, of course, being caring. You won’t be able to get very far as a carer if you are not a caring person, you need to enjoy spending time with other people, whether you’re chatting with them or listening to their stories you need to be comfortable contributing to the conversation. You should also have an understanding of your own presence. Your presence should make others smile and make them feel happiness, this will help you with how you respond to others’ feelings. Being intuitive to the feelings of others can help define how you will act in a situation but if you understand your presence then you will know if, in some cases, it’ll be better to stay silent and give someone space.

Many people look to become a carer after having experience of caring for a family member, this experience is invaluable but is not necessary to being a good carer. And finally, to be a good carer for the elderly, you need to have respect for older people. Respecting them for what they have experienced and what they have contributed in their lives will go a long way. Respect helps build relationships, and caring for someone will build that relationship as well. 

How we can help

If you want to become a private carer, you could go at it alone, or you could work with us at PrimeCarers. We are a Platform, also known as a marketplace, that usually charge a 20% commission, which is a far cry from the 50%-70% an agency normally takes.

Here are a few of the benefits of working with a platform gives you:

  • Access clients: We find your clients and they will directly contact you
  • Get paid on-time: You are paid, in full, within 48 hours of each visit.
  • The small stuff: We handle the admin, like contracting and scheduling, so you know what to do and where to be.
  • Stay safe: We know where you are going and can access the identity of the person you are working for so you can always feel safe.
  • Feel supported: We are only a phone call away and are always ready to support you.

If you must go at it alone:

Use the resources that we have available on our site:

  • Make sure that the care plan is appropriate.
  • Ensure that the patient is safe. 
  • Manage your clients professionally.
  • Get insurance: Purchase insurance to ensure that both you and the client are covered in the event that anything goes wrong. Many can be bought on a monthly basis.
  • Get a proper contract: Put a contract in place between yourself and your clients. This will ensure that you are both working towards the same goal and that your liability is kept to a minimum.
  • Get paid on-time: Have your client set up a direct debit on a weekly basis to cover any planned hours. Record any under or over time, to be settled in the following week. Keep all receipts and submit them in full with your weekly invoice.
  • Pay your tax: The first person you should pay is the taxman. Register with HMRC and seek advice, also read about handling your taxes.
  • Make sure you stay safe: Let someone else know where and when you plan to be each week.

If you need support with regards to our registration process, or just need help or advice with being self-employed, check out our FAQ or contact us: 0203 369 3624