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If you decide to use an agency for your care then they find a carer to deliver the care required.

The downside of this (and something we discovered when looking for care for our own relatives) is that it’s not always the same person who visits and typically you are given a window, rather than a firm time.

Agency carers often have tight deadlines and multiple short visits to complete, so are focused on delivering care as quickly as possible and getting onto the next person, rather than spending quality time with their patient.

Independent carers

Using an independent carer means that you have more choice and more control. They have lower overheads so are often a more cost-effective method of buying the care you need. More importantly they have the opportunity to build a long-term relationship with their patient, so they’re more likely to register any changes in behaviours or medical conditions.

The downside is that trying to contact, meet and ensure they are safe is a time consuming process. You also have the burden of employing, contracting, safeguarding and paying the carer. All of which is an added pressure that you just don’t need.

How does it work?

Search for local carers

Search for nearby carers that have the skills you require. We have a range of care levels available, from Home Assistants to Expert Nurses.

Choose the ones you want

Learn about them and pick the carers you want to work with. They are all interviewed, and background checked, so you can’t go wrong.

Connect over chat

Reach out to your favourite private carers, let them know what you need and get to know them.

Book them in for a visit

Have them over for a no-obligation interview, so you can decide whether they are right for you.

Manage your relationship

We handle all the admin, including contracting, Payment, Insurance and continuous background checking. All you need to do is book your visits.

We believe in a better model of care

PrimeCarers gives you the best of both worlds; You get a great, dedicated carer that responds quickly to your needs. We run background checks, insure our carers*, handle the contracting, payments and scheduling. We also make it easier to find a replacement carer for any gaps in your care schedule, all through our easy to use online platform.